Explained: Who are Warrior Giants Dorry and Brogy? Can They Take Down Saturn?

Who are Dorry and Brogy in One Piece?

One Piece has officially entered its final saga, and the stakes have never been higher for the Straw Hat Pirates. As Luffy and his crew battle it out with Saturn on Egghead Island, they’ve gained some gigantic allies – literally. The latest chapter reveals that giants Dorry and Brogy have come to Luffy’s aid, backed by the rest of the Giant Warrior Pirates.

Now, with Saturn hot on their heels, Luffy couldn’t ask for better backup than two of the mightiest warriors in the One Piece world. Dorry and Brogy already proved their strength by decimating Saturn’s battleships. But who exactly are Dorry and Brogy, and can even they defeat the formidable Admiral Kizaru or Gorosei Saturn?

Dorry and Brogy have a key role to play in One Piece

Dorry and Brogy in One Piece
Dorry and Brogy [Image Courtesy of Toei Animation]
  • These two larger-than-life characters were first introduced way back in the Little Garden arc, which ran in the manga over 20 years ago. Dorry and Brogy made quite the impression on readers with their bombastic personalities and century-long honor duel. We haven’t seen the giants since the Straw Hats left Little Garden, but they’ve clearly been busy gathering the old crew.

Despite being best friends, over 100 years ago they got into an argument over who caught the bigger fish after a young girl asked. To settle it, they began an honor duel on Little Garden that lasted for around a century. The duel only stopped after Luffy and crew showed up to Little Garden.

Dorry is 160 years old with a long beard and helmet covering his eyes. Brogy is the same age with a shorter beard and horned helmet. Both dress like Vikings. As giants, they have immense strength and durability, but Dorry and Brogy exceed other giants in power and combat skill.


Their story is a highlight of the Little Garden arc from 1999, when Vivi had just joined the crew but before Chopper. We didn’t know Robin yet. Seeing Dorry and Brogy dueling day after day demonstrated their commitment to honor and friendship, despite their rivalry. It’s no wonder they left such an impression on fans.

Dorry and Brogy’s Relationship with Shanks and What it Means for the Straw Hats

Dorry and Brogy's connection with Shanks
Shanks | Courtesy of Toei Animation

Dorry and Brogy share a brotherly bond with Red-Haired Shanks, which makes their arrival a double-edged sword for Luffy.

On one hand, few pirate crews command more respect than the Giant Warriors. With Dorry and Brogy’s aid, taking down Saturn and a Buster Call looks more promising.

  • However, their ties to Shanks add a wrinkle. Elbaf is implied to fall under Shanks’ territory, so the Giant Pirates likely operate with his blessing. While Luffy and Shanks parted on good terms, they are now fellow Emperors. Kid challenged Shanks’ authority, and Luffy may face similar backlash from Elbaf’s giants.


Yet Dorry and Brogy’s reunion with “Little Bro Luffy” hints at enduring goodwill. If the giants still see Luffy as a friend, tensions with Shanks could smooth over. But considering Elbaf’s honor culture, forgiveness is uncertain.

Oda rarely brings characters back without narrative purpose, so the giants’ reaction to Luffy’s ascent promises an intriguing twist.

Are Dorry and Brogy strong enough to defeat Saturn?

St. Saturn Jaygarcia of the Gorosei
St. Saturn Jaygarcia | Courtesy of Viz Media

As veteran warriors of Elbaf, Dorry and Brogy boast formidable power. Standing over 20 meters tall, their massive builds enable them to utilize devastating physical strength. Recent chapters also suggest that they have some form of Advanced Haki.

With these assets, Dorry and Brogy can easily defeat endless Marine fodder with only minor effort. Their signature combo attacks, such as Spear of Elbaf: Advent of Thunder, can take out entire enemy platoons in one blow.

  • However, while Dorry and Brogy are essentially walking tanks, defeat at the hands of a Marine Admiral is all but guaranteed. As for the Gorosei, Saturn possesses both masterful Haki control and a devastating Devil Fruit. Given the extent of his influence in the World Government, Saturn is not an easy foe. He woul be able to avoid the giants’ lumbering attacks while precisely striking their few vulnerabilities.
  • Though they would put up an extended bout, Dorry and Brogy would ultimately succumb to Saturn’s vast array of overpowered abilities. When it comes to the upper echelons of Marine power, the giants’ straightforward fighting style leaves them sorely outmatched.


Dorry and Brogy vs. a Seaking
Dorry and Brogy [Image Courtesy of Toei Animation]
In the end, while giants like Dorry and Brogy possess the strength to take down endless lower-ranked Marines, they lack the skillset to match the overwhelming might of the Gorosei.

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