Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Date: Here’s all we know about it

Dr Stone Season 3 Release Date

In July 2019, the anime community experienced the bliss of science. Awakening beyond the Mad Scientist, we were introduced to a teenager who made Science fun. Ishigami Senku took our hearts with his stretched-out explanations of phenomenons and has continued to make people watch him as he ventures into the secret of the world’s petrification. Dr. Stone New World left us at a cliffhanger as they finally found Platinum.

However, the wait is over. Dr. Stone Season 3 Release Dates have just been announced with a trailer. The fans are in for a treat. Here’s everything so far!

Season 3 Cour 1 Cliffhanger

Dr. Stone New World Part 1 ended on a cliffhanger. In the eleventh episode [With this Fist, A Miracle], Kouhaku cracks open the concrete safe and sends its content to Senku on the toy cars. Senku discovers that the content is gold dust.

Upon filtering the gold dust, Senku procures a test tube worth of Platinum. Realizing its rarity, he discovers a new-found admiration for Byakuya.

Kingdom of Science discovering Platinum
Byakuya collecting Gold Dust | Courtesy of TMS Entertainment

With this, Senku prepares a new batch of revival fluid. He is ready to rescue his friends on Perseus.

This is where Season 3 Part 1 ends. Fans have been waiting forever to see him in action. As his exploration advances, he is bound to find more obstacles. Fans cannot wait to watch him tackle these difficulties with more of his scientific experiments.

Recap of Cour 1:

After winning against Tsukasa, the next goal for the Senku’s Kingdom of Science is to move towards the Source of Petrification. To find out the location of the Source, they must build a ship to voyage out to other parts of the World.

  • They acquired Iron and Oil after the creation of Radar and Sonar.
  • They receive a message from “Why-man” that gives them another lead.
  • They build a ship called “Perseus“.
  • Their destination is the Island the astronauts crashlanded, as the 100 Tales directs them to a mineral.
  • The entire crew besides Senku, Kohaku, Soyuz, Gen, Ginro, and Suika were petrified.
  • Ginro infiltrates the village.
  • They plot to steal the Petrification device while devising to find the Mineral.
  • Senku creates a Silent Bomb.
Silent Bomb to break concrete
Senku Creates a Silent Bomb | Courtesy of TMS Entertainment

Season 3 Cour 1 concluded the [Age of Exploration] Arc and continued with the [Treasure Island] Arc. Cour 2 will conclude the Arc which will conclude the [Source of the Petrification] Saga.

Season 3 Cour 2 Release Dates

Dr. Stone New World Cour 2 is set to release on 12th October, Thursday. Part 2 is the most-awaited conclusion to the struggle between Senku and Ibara over the Petrification Device, It is exhilarating to find how this ends.

Their battle will be decisive to Senku’s journey to unveil everything regarding the Petrification. Who will it so and Why the phenomenon occurred is a crucial mystery in the tale. Their victory here will ensure that no one else is petrified.

The Conclusion begins
Declaration of War | Courtesy of TMS Entertainment

This season will conclude the [Source of the Petrification] Saga and will continue to [Truth of the Petrification] Saga. The next Saga shall include the following Arcs:

  • New America City Arc
  • South America Arc
  • New Stone World Arc
  • Globetrotting Arc


Dr. Stone has been a milestone in the anime industry. It calls out for creators to experiment on uncharted territory, to attempt to make stories with unconventional takes on themes such as Science. This series has been an absolute joy to watch for fans. The Third Season shall make way for the most important Saga of the series. The following Saga shall answer many mysteries surrounding the Petrification of the World. Fans have waited long, no more, as the eccentric Scientist returns to win over our hearts again.

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