Why has the Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer sparked controversies?

Why has the Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer sparked controversies?

The Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer was released on October 12 and only a few hours after its release, it sparked a lot of controversial debates on various platforms. While many fans were excited and happy to see the incoming of a new trailer for a new series, certain fans within the community were disappointed with the creators for transforming Goku and the Z-fighters into children and further de-aging Goten and Trunks into babies.

What is Dragon Ball Daima about?

Dragon Ball Daima has been written and created by Akira Toriyama. Unlike previous adaptations, this entirely new series takes a very interesting and peculiar turn by transforming major characters into children.

While Goku and the Z-fighters must navigate the universe to restore themselves, they encounter various threats that challenge them in an impossible manner. Characters like Goku, Vegeta, Master Roshi, and Mr. Satan have been reimagined as children, making the series all the more an unparalleled imagination.

Why has the Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer sparked controversies?
Goku and Vegeta in their de-aged selves. (Image credit goes to Toei Animation)

Moreover, since the characters are transformed into children, fans won’t get to see their favorite heroes and fighters use techniques such as Ultra Instinct, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue. Dragon Ball Daima will therefore explore a plethora of possibilities and this new world of the franchise will be unimaginably complex and entertaining at the same time.

Why are fans disappointed with Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer?

A certain number of fans from the Dragon Ball community have been disappointed by the portrayal of some of their favorite characters as children. Many believe that this will take out the seriousness of the show and convert it into a children’s fantasy reading.

  • While this remains unknown as to what the exact plot would be, the show promises to be interesting and imaginative in its making.
  • But that being said, we have to remember that some fans were even dissatisfied with the portrayal of Goten and Trunks in Dragon Ball Daima.
Why has the Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer sparked controversies?
Goten and Trunks transformed into babies in Dragon Ball Daima. (Image credit goes to Toei Animation)
  • Goten and Trunks were the two prodigal children in the story who could transform into Super Saiyans from the ages of seven and eight respectively.
  • They even stood apart during the Fusion Saga, but fans haven’t got to see much of them since then.

The controversial portrayal of them in the teaser trailer shows them as babies, which brings a lot of backlash from the fans who wanted to see the duo as adults for a long time now.

Some fans believe that Dragon Ball Daima will be a good experimental project

While not everybody has a negative opinion of Dragon Ball Daima, many fans believe that the upcoming series will be an experimental project that will be worth the effort. Fans have also reacted positively to the animation and character designs done by Toei Animation, and the sequences and frames have also been able to uphold the Dragon Ball standard.

Why has the Dragon Ball Daima teaser trailer sparked controversies?
Dragon Ball Daima is to be released in fall 2024. (Image credit goes to Toei Animation)

Akira Toriyama has been notably known for a lot of reasons, but he has been well respected and followed for his exceptional storytelling. The fact that he is involved in the project as the writer and the director validates the project a lot more.

Furthermore, the vibrant frames and the dense storytelling were great measures to ensure that such a tectonic shift in the narrative doesn’t hamper the essence of the show.


Dragon Ball Daima has entered a field of controversy and it comes with heated arguments and critical appraisal. That being said, one must see where the story goes and how it will be presented in the Fall of 2024 before making any presumptive suggestions on the same.

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