Dungeon Meshi Anime: What is it About?

Dungeon Meshi Anime: What is it About?

Dungeon Meshi is known for its unique premise, its humor, and its beautiful artwork. It has been praised by critics for its realistic portrayal of dungeon exploration and its focus on food as a source of comfort and companionship. The manga series, a dark fantasy comedy, features delicious food. It was written and illustrated by Ryoko Kui.


Dungeon Meshi Anime

The anime adaptation by Studio Trigger of the Japanese manga series “Dungeon Meshi” (Delicious in Dungeon) will be premiered in January 2024. The manga is ranked #178 in My Anime List, with a popularity rank of #275, which is quite good. Could it be one of the top upcoming anime to watch in 2024?

Dungeon Meshi Anime: What is it About?
Shocked Marcille | Image Courtesy of Studio Trigger

The story follows Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck, a group of adventurers who explore a dungeon in search of food after losing their supplies. Along the way, they meet Senshi, a dwarf who is an expert in cooking monsters.


Dungeon Meshi Anime: What is it About?
Laios’s Party | Image Courtesy of Studio Trigger
  • The Golden Kingdom was submerged underground by a crazed magician, causing its king to reappear and offer his treasure to anyone who could defeat the magician.
  • The guilds are set on a journey through the dungeon in search of the magician.
  • However, tragedy strikes when Laios’ party encounters a dragon that mercilessly devours his sister Falin and wipes out the entire party.

Despite having lost everything, Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck venture back into the dungeon to rescue Laios’s sister. Unfortunately, they soon run out of food supplies, prompting Laios to come up with a plan to consume the monsters to survive.

Along their journey, they encounter Senshi, a skilled dwarf cook who specializes in preparing monster dishes. Together, they embark on an adventure through the dungeon, experimenting with various exotic dishes.

The Characters

Dungeon Meshi Anime: What is it About?
Marcille | Image Courtesy of Studio Trigger

The story has four main characters, each with unique specializations and personalities. The main members of the adventurer’s party are as follows:

  • Laios Touden (VA- Kentaro Kumagai): Laios is the main character of the Dungeon Meshi anime, he is a knight who is also the leader of the Touden party. Laios is a skilled swordsman and has extensive knowledge of dungeons, making him a reliable leader. He is eager to learn everything about monsters, including their taste, which has caused some of his teammates to feel uncomfortable.
  • Marcille Donato (VA- Sayaka Senbongi): She is a skilled magician who excels in both offensive and defensive roles within the Touden party. Her hardworking and honest disposition often leads her to clash with the more cynical Chilchuck. She has an aversion to peculiar foods and is hesitant to consume monsters.
Dungeon Meshi Anime: What is it About?
Marcille showing her disgust toward monster food | Image Courtesy of Studio Trigger
  • Chilchuck (VA- Asuna Tomari): Chilchuck plays a vital role in clearing dungeons by swiftly detecting structures and traps, he is also skilled at lock-picking treasure chests and doors. Despite his sarcastic remarks, he is often treated like a child by his teammates due to his short height.
  • Senshi (VA- Hiroshi Naka): Senshi is a long-term expert in the field of monster cooking. Unable to bear the Touden party’s tactless cooking skills, he joins them as their chef. His meticulosity in preparing monster-based food and attention to dining etiquette can make him act irrationally at times.

The Fantasy World of Dungeon Meshi

Dungeon Meshi anime: what is it about
Chilchuck and Marcille | Image Courtesy of Studio Trigger

The fantasy world of Dungeon Meshi is a dangerous and unforgiving place. It is filled with monsters, traps, and other hazards. Here are some of the notable features of the fantasy world of Dungeon Meshi:

  • The dungeon: The dungeon is a vast and mysterious place that is filled with monsters and treasure. It is divided into many different levels, each of which is more difficult than the last.
  • The monsters: The monsters of Dungeon Meshi are unique and varied. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they all have their unique abilities.
  • The food: Food plays a central role in Dungeon Meshi. It is a source of comfort, companionship, and strength for the characters. The series also explores the different ways that food can be used to bring people together and build relationships.
  • The people: The world of Dungeon Meshi is home to a variety of different races, including humans, elves, dwarves, and more. The characters in the series are all unique, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Where to Watch Dungeon Meshi Anime?


Studio Trigger announced during its panel at Anime Expo that Dungeon Meshi anime (Delicious in Dungeon) will stream on Netflix worldwide in January 2024. You can also watch and stream subbed and dubbed episodes of Dungeon Meshi online on Anime-Planet. The episodes of Dungeon Meshi anime will also be available on Crunchyroll and Gogoanime.

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