Eren was forced into the Rumbling: A Breakdown of Events

Eren was forced into the rumbling

Hajime Isayama created history when he turned Eren into an antagonist in Attack on Titan. With that move, he extended the developments within the manga to the real world as well. This development is nothing else but the birth of Yaegerists (or Eren Stans). Even though the reasons behind the popularity inside and outside the manga were vastly different, the popularity of Eren Yeager was unparalleled during the fourth season of Attack on Titan

After Eren puts his uncool and idiotic side on display in the ending, is he still as popular? Or did his popularity bear the brunt of the rumbling? When the conversation turns to the Rumbling, everything seems miniscule in comparison, and rightfully so.

But is it right to blame Eren for the rumbling even though he was forced into it? Yes, you heard it right! We think Eren was forced into the Rumbling and here’s a breakdown of events to tell you exactly why we think so. 

Eren was forced into the Rumbling, but how?

Rumbling Attack on Titan
The Rumbling in Attack on Titan | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The ending of Attack on Titan anime left a lot of plot points unexplained. Pushing fans to put together the pieces of information they have so far to make sense of everything that happened. The Rumbling was a colossal event and it poked the moral conscience of the fans. 

The Rumbling could only be initiated with the powers of the Founding Titan. If Eren never inherited the titan powers, both attack and founding, the Rumbling wouldn’t have happened at his hands. But without Eren’s manipulation, Grisha wouldn’t have inherited the powers of the Founding Titan. So who was responsible for it all? 

The actions of Grisha and Eren

Eren and Grisha
Eren forcing Grisha into inheriting the Founding Titan | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Grisha passed down the powers of the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan to Eren. That’s where everything started. So, the cause became the passing down of titan powers by Grisha and the Rumbling became the effect.
  • In a world devoid of free will, had the powers been with someone else, Rumbling would still happen but at the hands of someone else.
  • Grisha was the one who roped Eren into the entire mess by making his decision. The only reason Grisha was able to see the future was because Eren was the Attack Titan at some point in time.
  • Not only that, but Eren inheriting the titan powers resulted in Grisha’s actions in the Royal Family Chapel.

After Eren inherited the powers, everything was pushed onto his shoulders. Was Eren forced into the Rumbling by Grisha then? Yes, Grisha passed down the Titan powers to Eren which led to the Rumbling. 

Eren Yeager
Eren in the paths | Image Courtesy via IMDb

At the end, we get the revelation that in the world of Attack on Titan, everything plays out in a pre-established manner. Even if you’re aware of the future, you can’t change it. Everything is predestined. If this is true, this applies to both Eren and Grisha. This absolves both of them from any responsibility.

Eren and Grisha were wielders of great powers. And with great power comes great responsibility. The moment Grisha decided to pass on the titan powers to Eren, despite the awareness of the future, he became responsible for the Rumbling. 

Can Eren be blamed for the Rumbling?

Eren Yeager
Young Eren Yeager | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Initially, Eren was forced into power. Eren was always an impulsive and idiotic kid who took actions based on his feelings. He was pretty simple-minded from the beginning. When he kissed Historia’s hand at the medal ceremony, the entire future unlocked right in front of his eyes. He knew how everything would end, he could only see two options: either his loved ones get killed or the rest of the world. 

He decided to shoulder everything on his own without relying on those around him. While consulting others doesn’t guarantee a better solution, there’s no way of knowing without trying. We also need to remember that Eren was never the one who could see possibilities or who could be rational while making choices.

Attack on Titan
Eren after the Titan transformation | Image Courtesy via IMDb

He was just a kid with a lot of power, his hometown at stake, and a future he already knew. Even if there were any other choices, Eren was probably not the best person to be put in such a situation. But he chose to carry out the rumbling, and for that he’s responsible. While we can understand his circumstances, the choices he made were his own. By initiating the Rumbling, he became the link that closed the time loop


In the end, the individual choices the characters made contributed to the Rumbling. As for Eren, the predetermined force and Grisha’s choice coerced him into the Rumbling. 

Unlike whatever this plot-armor-y force is, we’d never even think of forcing you into anything. We’ll just ask you with the big glistening and twinkling anime eyes to check out the Spiel Anime Newsletter. It comes out twice a week in cool designs with all things anime!

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