Exploring the possibilities – Does Sarada like Boruto?

Exploring the possibilities - Does Sarada like Boruto

Since the Boruto anime and manga went on a hiatus, fan theories and speculations have been swirling around all over the internet. One of the most popular areas being hypothesized is romantic relationships between characters especially between Boruto and Sarada. Does Sarada like Boruto? Let’s find out.

The Boruto-Sarada Dynamic


Boruto and Sarada were quite good friends from a very young age, especially due to the close link between their parents. Initially, their relationship was marked by many tiny skirmishes and conflicts, mostly due to Boruto’s escapades and shenanigans. However, as time goes on, they understand each other better.

After becoming the new Team 7, we see their dynamic evolve and gain deeper roots, delving into the realms of camaraderie and understanding. As the new Team 7, Boruto and Sarada, alongside Mitsuki, have shown impeccable teamwork. Boruto trusts Sarada’s intelligence and abilities as a leader and Sarada acknowledges Boruto’s proactiveness and skills.

Interlinked Lives

Exploring the possibilities - Does Sarada like Boruto
Sasuke, Boruto and Sarada, Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Due to the history between the parents and being on the same team, Boruto and Sarada’s life events often play out intertwined with each other’s. Their respective dreams also establish a connection between them, as Boruto’s goal is to become a strong Shinobi like Sasuke, who can support Sarada as the Hokage.

One major thing that connects both of them is their relationships with their respective fathers. Both Boruto and Sarada had a rocky start with their own fathers. Boruto was at odds with Naruto and idolized Sasuke, while it was the opposite for Sarada. Eventually though. both realize how hard and important the work done by Naruto and Sasuke is.

Potential Hints and Interactions


While it isn’t often shown explicitly, both care deeply about each other. During times of distress, one of the duo has always been there for the other. Throughout the manga, we see multiple scenarios where they show affection and care for each other, but outright romantic feelings are never disclosed.

Time and time again, Boruto was shown to be supportive of Sarada’s dream, often commenting on how he wants to support her when he becomes the Hokage. Sarada cared about Boruto throughout the events of the Kara arc and beyond, often displaying concerns about how Karma will affect his life.

Does Sarada Like Boruto?

Exploring the possibilities - Does Sarada like Boruto
Boruto and Sarada, Courtesy of Studio Pierrot

Both Sarada and Boruto have shown instances of showing a deep level of care and understanding for each other throughout the series. Unlike in Naruto, however, an explicit romantic track has never been pursued so far, as it was for Hinata and Sakura for Naruto and Sasuke respectively.

Sumire Kakei is the only one who has shown open romantic feelings for Boruto so far. While Sarda had blushed in the past when similar topics have come up, it would be reading too much into it if we assume a romantic angle from such a tiny reaction, which could’ve very well been due to shock. At one point Sarada has even mentioned that Boruto is like a close brother to her.



Over the course of the story’s events, we get to see them develop their skills and abilities as a team and a duo, with one often playing a huge part in the other’s success. However, to answer the question of ‘Does Sarada like Boruto?’, the answer would be ‘Yes’, both of them care for each other and like each other.

However, the ‘Like’ here is not the romantic kind but refers to the care and affection displayed. So far their relationship has remained purely platonic, no strong hints of romance have surfaced yet. However, things still might change in the future.


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