Fate Servant Classes Explained

Fate Servant Classes Explained

The Holy Grail War might be the conflict that is at the focal point of most of the entries in the Fate franchise, however, the core gears that drive the said War are Masters and Servants. Servants are essentially overpowered familiars provided to the Masters by the Grail in order to participate in the War. Here is everything you need to know about the Servant Classes in the Holy Grail War.

Fate Servant Classes

Under normal circumstances, the Holy Grail War involves seven masters and seven servants. Each servant belongs to one of the seven available classes and only one of each class is summoned per war.


Top 10 Most Liked Servants in the Fate Series
Artoria, Courtesy of Studio Ufotable
  • Class Skill: Magic Resistance, Riding

The knightly class, Sabers epitomize heroic ideals and possess excellent magic resistance. Their balanced stats make them formidable offensive Servants. Popular Sabers include Arthur Pendragon, Miyamoto Musashi, and Nero Claudius. They are often considered the Strongest of all classes.


  • Class Skill: Magic Resistance

Famous for their agility and mastery of spears and polearms. Luck is also a Lancer hallmark. Popular Lancers include Cu Chulainn, Leonidas, and Scรกthach. They are also proficient with hit-and-run tactics that allow them to capitalize on their speed.


Top 10 Most Liked Servants in the Fate Series
Emiya, Courtesy of Studio Ufotable
  • Class Skill: Magic Resistance, Independent Action

Ranged specialists skilled with projectile weapons, especially bows. Archers are independent and tactically cunning. Archers are the class that can survive the longest without their master being around, but this independence makes them hard to control. Notable Archers include EMIYA, Gilgamesh, and Robin Hood.


Top 10 Most Liked Servants in the Fate Series
Medea, Courtesy of Studio Ufotable
  • Class Skill: Territory Creation, Item Construction

Servants skilled in Magic and Magecraft. As magi, Casters have excellent magical energy but lack physical prowess. Their class skill, called Territory Creation is quite similar to a Reality Marble and allows them to alter or create a space around them to enhance their sorcery. Well-known Casters include Medea, Gilgamesh, and Leonardo da Vinci.


Fate Top 5 Noble Phantasms
Iskander using Ionian Hetairoi, Courtesy of Studio Ufotable
  • Class Skill: Riding, Magic Resistance

Heroic Spirits are famous for riding mounts or vehicles. Their Noble Phantasms often manifest as mythical beasts. The overall combat style of a Rider revolves around their mount, however, they often also possess significant physical capabilities. Medusa, Achilles, and Francis Drake are all in the Rider class.


  • Class Skill: Presence Concealment

Silent killers specializing in covert ops and stealthy elimination. Disguise and deception allow them to blend in. Famous Assassins include Jack the Ripper, Sasaki Kojiro, and King Hassan. Only the Heroic Spirit Hassan-i-Sabbah can be summoned as the Assassin class in certain Wars, due to the etymology of the word “Assassin” acting as a catalyst.


Top 10 Most Liked Servants in the Fate Series
Lancelot, Courtesy of Studio Ufotable
  • Class Skill: Mad Enhancement

Trading sanity for power, Berserkers go mad in exchange for boosted stats. Their rages make them lethal but unruly Servants. Even the most talented and experienced of masters struggle to control them, often wasting a Command Spell for trivial tasks. Some iconic Berserkers are Heracles, Lancelot, and Spartacus.

Extra Classes

Beyond the core seven are Extra classes like Ruler, Avenger, and Faker that represent unique additional Servant categories. These classes are usually formed as anomalies due to either breaking the rules of the War or through some external intervention or alterations to the War.


Within the Fate lore, each class confers distinct attributes, but individual Noble Phantasms and legend histories ultimately determine a Servant’s capabilities. The classes offer both storytelling archetypes and gameplay identity, adding a complex multifaceted layer of World building to the franchise.

Though new classes continue to emerge via various spin-offs, the seven primary classes define the ritual warfare of Fate’s Holy Grail Wars.

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