In the light of Blackbeard vs. Law, here are the top 5 fights to look forward to in Egghead Arc

Blackbeard vs. Law

Once again Blackbeard has spiced things up with his appearance in One Piece anime. Living up to the bar he has set for himself, he has returned as the embodiment of destruction. The fight between Blackbeard vs. Law in the recent episode is the first fight of Egghead. With the chilling effects of the first one, the future looks full of enthralling match-ups. Let us reassure you that the future is indeed a bright one with a list of the top fights to look forward to in Egghead Arc.

This article contains manga spoilers. 

Top fights to look forward to in Egghead Arc 

5) Kid vs. Shanks

Eustass Kid in Egghead arc of One Piece anime
Eustass Kid | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Law and Kid recently faced the emperors in Wano and even brought one of them down. Before the celebrations of this huge feat could even come to a halt, the worst generation boys were already facing their next challenges. While Law is up against Blackbeard, Kid is on his way to Shanks. 

Shanks has been a mysterious albeit prominent presence in One Piece. After his recent adventures and awakening in Wano, Kid should be able to hold his ground against Shanks. But can he do that? We’ll find out when their interactions get animated and rest assured we’re in for some exciting developments. 

4) Lucci vs. Luffy

Luffy vs. Lucci in Egghead
Luffy vs. Lucci during Enies Lobby | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Lucci’s arrival on Egghead will immensely surprise him. He’ll finally get the chance to settle his pending scores with Luffy. After everything Luffy has achieved, Lucci refuses to acknowledge him. According to him, Luffy isn’t deserving of the title of an emperor.

While we’re all ready to send him the ‘who’s gonna tell him meme’, Luffy is gearing up with his majestic punches. The future pirate king will finally knock some sense into Lucci, with a nostalgic exchange of blows is on its way to us. 

3) Luffy vs. Kizaru

Luffy vs. Kizaru
Luffy vs. Kizaru on
Egghead | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Luffy’s journey from East Blue to becoming an emperor has been an emotional rollercoaster. Several moments made us cry, and laugh, some of which left us forever scared for the well-being of the Strawhats. A moment truly defining life-long scars is the tragedy of Sabaody. Back then, the admirals were synonymous with death. 

However the present tells a different story, Luffy has attained strength comparable to the admirals. His face-off with Kizaru makes us swell with pride as he maintains an equal footing with the Navy Admiral. It’ll be intriguing to see if he is strong enough to defeat his opponent. 

2) Garp vs. Aokiji

Garp in Egghead Arc
Garp | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Anything below legendary is an insult to Garp and his feats. Every time Garp swings his hand, the excitement goes soaring through the skies. Ever wondered how it will feel when Garp’s life is threatened in a battle? The possibility is more than enough to make one shudder. 

When Garp faces his disciple during Egghead Arc, this possibility starts to morph into reality. Their fight is not only exciting on the physical front but slightly poignant as well. The animated version will make us suffer all over again, and we’re here for it. 

1. The fight against Saturn

Saturn Jaygarcia in Egghead
Bonney being captured by Saturn | Courtesy of Viz Media

The stakes in Egghead escalated pretty quickly with the advent of menacing figures of the One Piece world. Among them is Saturn St. Jaygarcia of the world government. His presence on the island unveiled some heinous secrets, tarnishing the already horrible reputation of the world government even further. 

This effect of Saturn’s presence wasn’t limited to fans only but the characters as well. Everybody from Bonney to Sanji took turns attacking Saturn, and the fight isn’t even over yet. Seeing all that action animated with the other characters pitching in as well is more than enough to push us to the edge of our seats. 


With all these fights in perspective, Egghead hasn’t even started in One Piece anime. We’re slowly but surely getting to the best part of the arc as there’s so much to look forward to. The momentum is slowly building up and the payoff will be nothing short of exhilarating, so stay tuned to the One Piece anime. And to stay in the loop with us, subscribe to the Spiel Anime Newsletter. A one-stop destination for all things anime, paired up with the most spectacular designs, twice every week!

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