Fire Force: why did the anime change studios ahead of Season 3?

Fire Force why did the anime change studios ahead of Season 3

Fire Force recently made an announcement that it has handed over the production of the upcoming season 3 to Studio Shaft, taking the reins from David Productions. While the earlier seasons were loaded with high-end animations, the recent development has triggered a lot of mixed responses. The likeliness of Studio Shaft doing better than David Productions is high but was it actually necessary?

How good is Studio Shaft and how good is a shift in studios for Fire Force?

Studio Shaft had earlier animated shows like Nisekoi and Fate/Grand Order. These shows have been terminally famous and loved, and at the same time, they have been able to live up to the animation standards of the present day. With this reputation to uphold, Studio Shaft has agreed to take up the remaining works for Fire Force and animate Season 3.

Fire Force why did the anime change studios ahead of Season 3
Tamaki Kotatsu. (Image credit goes to David Production)

But, we have long been witnesses to such shifts in the world of anime. Anime shows like One Punch Man and Tokyo Ghoul could never be the same for the fans once they changed studios. The change in studios is a big thing to imagine and cope with, and whether a new studio would be able to maintain the same level of commitment and spirit is a difficult question to answer.

What will happen in Fire Force Season 3?

Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Season 3 of Fire Force. With Shinra and Arthur having completed training, the next season would show them facing their foes head-on. The battles are anticipated to be more engaging than the previous seasons and the fight sequences would also mature, as per the manga.

Fire Force why did the anime change studios ahead of Season 3
Shinra Kusakabe. (Image credit goes to David Production)

Fire Force Season 3 would likely pick up from Chapter 170 of the manga, which starts with the Stigma Arc. In this Arc, Shinra and the other members will face off against the White Clad. It would be interesting to see how the character of Shinra develops and matures and also how the various plotlines would converge in this particular season.

Why did Fire Force drop David Productions?

There has been no official press release as to why David Productions was dropped out of the scene after animating two seasons of Fire Force. But it can only be assumed that maybe the franchise is willing to fight an uphill combat with Studio Shaft while putting a lot of targets to fulfil for the reputed animation studio.

Fire Force why did the anime change studios ahead of Season 3
Tamaki Kotatsu. (Image credit goes to David Production)
  • David Productions did excellent work with the first two seasons of Fire Force.
  • But, the recent shift is also due to the fact that Studio Shaft’s record of animations and deliverance of excellence precedes everything.
  • It might be a long shot to take, but one that had to be taken for Fire Force to reach newer heights and set higher bars for others to follow.


The shift in studios is sometimes an act of experimentation. But experiments need experience, and for Studio Shaft to experiment would be a valid one, as it has an ample amount of experience to recover itself from any tragedy. A change in studios for Fire Force might result in either outcome, good or bad, but as far as we know, the makers of the anime would always ensure that they do justice to the legend of Fire Force’s manga.

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