From Me to You Season 3 : Will it explore the other relationships?

From Me to You characters

While From Me to You is Kazehaya’s and Sawako’s story, season 2 marked the end of their problems and the beginning of their new life together. With that said, it is time for our favorite side characters to take the stage as well. Will we finally have season 3 exploring the relationships besides the Main couple?



Many pairs in the series are awaiting their conclusions. These pairs are not exclusively romantic, but platonic as well. As the characters grow, so do their bonds with each other. Moving away from the main duo, here are the relationships that are awaiting their limelight:

Kurumi and Sawako
Sawako and Kurumi | Courtesy of Production IG
  • Sawako and Kurumi: They started as love rivals, but that is not how they will end. As they continue with their studies, they continue to grow closer. With the same goal in mind, they become best friends.
  • Chizuru and Ryu: With Ryu’s confession in Season 2 to Chizuru, she has a lot to think about how their relationship will continue to progress. She takes her time and finally comes to an answer. How will they end?
  • Ayane’s relationships: As the series progresses, Ayane confronts herself. Deciding to finally be good to herself, she makes her move for the person she is interested in, Pin.
Ryu and Chizuru
Ryu and Chizuru | Courtesy of Production IG

While not the main focus, the relationships of these characters are equally important. This is what makes [From Me to You] an amazing shoujo series. The show allows for the other relationships to develop and grow at their own pace.

Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship

The rocky start of their relationship did not mean that they would have it easy from here on out. They face their share of struggles. Facing normal relationship dilemmas, they must face the obstacle of distance as well. Each with their own goals, Sawako moves to her University in a different place.

Kazehaya and Sawako
Kazehaya and Sawako | Courtesy of Production IG

As Kazehaya moves to his new place, he continues to tackle his relationship with his family. With time, he comes to terms with his father. Sawako is adored by his father, who at times is very funny to watch. The couple grows ever closer, despite the distance between them.

The Side-Characters

Our beloved side characters get to shine as well. Each with their goal, the friend group moves up the ladder in life.

  • Having Sawako by her side, Kurumi continues to work hard to become a teacher.
  • Ryu moves away to a University for his Baseball career.
  • Ayane moved away to Tokyo J University.
  • It is never mentioned what Chizuru decides to do, yet it can be concluded that she is happy where she is.

From Me to You Season 3

Season 3 will continue from where it left off in Season 2. It will cover the final year of our dear favorites. The Final Year marks the end of their time together. While it might not signify the end of their friendship, it is a continuous reminder for them to come out of their shell and have no regrets.

With many relationships on the line, the third season is expected to provide a proper conclusion to many of their stories. Season 3 should cover the entirety of their development. It wouldn’t be unfortunate for us fans if season 3 fails to complete the show. It just means a season 4 could come in quick succession.

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