From Me to You Season 3: Here’s 3 reasons why Ayane is the Best Girl

Ayane Yano from From Me to You

From Me To You has a whole batch of brilliantly written characters. It wouldn’t be an understatement to declare it one of the best Shoujo out there. While there are multiple reasons why the main characters are unforgettable, we should not forget about the side characters who were a crucial part of their romantic journey.

Hence, it is a must that we appreciate one of the key characters of the series, Ayano Yano. Here’s why she’s the best girl after Sawako.

3 Reasons Why Ayane is the Best Girl

A Wonderful Friend

Loving her friends
Ayane adoring her friends | Courtesy of Production IG

Ayane Yano is one of the first friends Sawako makes in the series. While others were afraid of Sawako’s appearance, Yano looked beyond it. She accepted Sawako for her weird but cute personality and adored her for who she was. She was always there when Sawako needed someone and played a key role in her romance.

That is not all, she has always been there for Chizuru. Helping Chizuru out with her outlandish yet energetic demeanor, she made sure that both of her friends found a safe place in her. If this is not what defines a great friend, I wonder what would.

An Outlook Beyond Her Age

Pulling her friendss leg
Evil Ayane | Courtesy of Production IG

Yano is perceived as a very mature individual with excellent tactical abilities to be comparable to a wise Japanese General. She can easily decipher how others are feeling and their intentions. She is seen as cold-hearted and cruel. However, this personality that others have come to have of her is a facade. Clouded in low self-esteem, she finds it hard to trust others.

She is a very shy person and likes to keep her matters private. Despite her loyalty and love for her friends, she does not wish to burden them with her problems. Her character is complex, mixed with insecurities and selfless ideals. Outsiders mistake this for her maturity, and while each with their faults, this makes her one of the most realistic characters in the show.

An Unparalleled Beauty

Looking Beautiful Ayane
Charming Yano | Courtesy of Production IG

Despite being an ardent believer in [Personality over Looks], it would be a crime to not consider her appearance as one of her attractive features. She is beautiful and has an incredible hold on fashion. She’s often seen wearing multiple variations of her uniform. She is stated to be 10 years older than her peers, yet that can never be inferred from her looks.

She has accented eyelashes, thinly arched eyebrows, and a light skin tone. She has a smile that could captivate millions. I could go on and on about her, but I think you get my point. Her beauty makes it so that many desire to spend time and be with her. This can be seen as she has had relationships with older men. However, she does not take them seriously due to her lack of trust.

Ayane Yano is an amazing character. She is not perfect and has flaws as much as the next person. But what makes her perfect is her will to change for the better. She understands that she must outgrow her trust and romantic dilemmas to be better. With how imperfectly perfect she is, she deserves the very best in the story. Hoping to see more of her in season 3.

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