Gintama 2nd Event Screening: Everything you need to know about it

A still from Gintama anime

If you are a hard-core Gintama fan, get ready for another round of laughter, action, and everything in between, because Gintama 2nd Event Screening is soon to bless the screen, titled “Gintama On Theater 2D Ikkoku Keijohen.”  This event is set to grace the screens in June, will be a re-experience of watching Gintama’s hilarious action, as this will be a re-edited version of the “Ikkoku Kyojo Hen” arc (episodes 257 to 261).

Gintama 2nd Event Screening Announcement 

A still form Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! '24
A still from Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! ’24 (Image via Bandai Namco Pictures)

This announcement came during the Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! ’24 live performance, which was held on February 11th. This event followed the success of the first event screening, Gintama On Theater 2D Baragaki Hen, which took place last November.

However, this event wasn’t just about reliving classic episodes on the big screen. It also provided a nostalgic experience packed with:

  • Live music by a special band:  A collaborative performance by Gintama ULTRA BAND and Audio Highs who rocked out to our favorite Gintama tunes and brought the anime’s energy to life.
  • The Yorozuya gang in action: The voice cast, including Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, and Rie Kugimiya, were present to interact with the audience and create their own brand of humor through their voice acting.

Here are some additional details of Gintama 2nd Event Screening to keep in mind:

Gintama cast in Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! '24
Gintama cast in Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! ’24 (Image via Bandai Namco Pictures)
  • Release date: June (exact date to be announced)
  • Location: Theaters across Japan (specific locations to be announced)
  • Music: Gintama ULTRA BAND Meets Audio Highs

Who’s Who?

The original voice cast is back, reprising their iconic roles:

  • Tomokazu Sugita as the lazy samurai with a heart of gold, Gintoki Sakata.
  • Daisuke Sakaguchi as the straight man (well, as straight as you can get in Gintama) Shinpachi Shimura.
  • Rie Kugimiya as the adorable and super strong alien girl, Kagura.
  • Mikako Takahashi as the giant dog (or is it a space alien?) Sadaharu and the always-unlucky Otae.

What to expect from the Gintama On Theater 2D Baragaki Hen?

A still from Gintama On Theater 2D Baragaki Hen
A still from Gintama On Theater 2D Baragaki Hen (Image via Bandai Namco Pictures)

Gintama loves to keep you on your toes and this time is no different. Some exciting revelations and updates can be announced:

  • “Ikkoku Kyojo Hen” is known for its emotional moments, hilarious jokes, and epic action sequences. Seeing it on the big screen with an altered plot will be like watching Gintama for the first time.
  • This event is part of the ongoing Gintama 20th Anniversary Project, (which is expected to continue till 2026) so it’s a chance to join the worldwide celebration of this beloved anime.

More good news!

A still form Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! '24
A still from Gintama SOUND ULTRA SOUL! ’24 (Image via Bandai Namco Pictures)

The excitement didn’t stop at the event screening announcement. During the show, even more Gintama goodness was revealed:

  • Bandai Namco has collaborated with experts at Audio Highs to release Gintama themed upcoming wireless earphones featuring sound tuning by the.
  • The anime creators are also expected to organize the “20th Anniversary Gintama Exhibition Hatachi no Gathering” scheduled for winter 2024. This exhibition promises to be a major celebration of the beloved anime, and your input can make it even more special.


This screening event is a chance to experience Gintama anime like never before. Let’s all raise our swords (or chopsticks) and celebrate the wackiest anime in history! So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting your Gintama journey, “Gintama On Theater 2D Ikkoku Keijohen” promises to be an event you won’t want to miss. Keep an eye out for more details as the release date approaches, and stay updated through our Spielanime Newsletter to never miss an update.

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