Gintama Film 2D Baragaki Arc: What is it about?

Gintama Film

Gintama anime is one of its kind with the perfect balance of top-tier comedy, great fighting scenes, and lots of anime references sprinkled here and there. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Gintama and to celebrate that, a Gintama film has been announced. The film is a part of the Gintama project which will go on from 2023 to 2026.

The year 2026 will mark the 20th anniversary of the anime as well. Throughout this duration, we’ll get multiple big and small projects to celebrate 20 successful years of Gintama anime and manga.

Gintama anime
A still from Gintama anime featuring Gintoki and Shinsuke in the front | Image Courtesy via IMDb

The Gintama movie scheduled to release later this year will feature the Baragaki Arc from Gintama. A key visual was dropped along with the film announcement and it features Hijikata. Here’s what the Baragaki arc is all about and some additional information about the Gintama Film 2D Baragaki Arc

Gintama Film Baragaki Arc: What is it about?

Gintoki Sakata
Gintoki Sakata from Gintama anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Baragaki Arc is one of the serious arcs of Gintama. The story revolves around Tetsunosuke Sasaki who is hated by his elder brother, Isaburo Sasaki. Tetsunosuke is sent to page Toshiro Hijikata. But everything isn’t as simple as it looks. The treatment of Tetsunosuke by his brother isn’t taken well by Hijikata.

This turns into a full-fledged fight between the Mimawarigumi and Shinsengumi, which Isaburo and Hijikata are parts of. Now sprinkle some Gintoki into the chaos and we have the Baragaki Arc.

Gintama anime
Tsukuyo, Shimura, Gintoki, and Kagura from left to right | Image Courtesy via IMDb

It introduces some important characters from the Mimawarigumi while delving into the pasts of Hijikata and Gintoki. The Baragaki Arc is crucial to Hijikata as a character. It also features amazing fights along with some great scenes near the end. The arc has been already animated in the anime. The film will be a re-edited version with some bonus scenes added to it. 

Additional information about the Gintama film

Gintama anime
A still from Gintama anime 2013 | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • The movie will grace the Japanese theatres for three weeks starting from November 10, 2023
  • Additionally, merchandise featuring some newly-drawn Gintama illustrations will be made available for fans. 
  • The film will feature some bonus scenes which have not been seen before. We’ll see them for the first time in the film. 
  • The Gintama Film is part of a 3-year-long celebration project for the 20th-anniversary celebration of Gintama. 


Gintama anime
Gintama anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

More Gintama content is always welcomed. All the better when it’s on the big screen. Unfortunately, the chances of an international release are close to zero as it’s confirmed to be a ‘nationwide release’. Although the bonus scenes are something to look forward to.

Gintama deserves a celebration this grand as it has appealed to many anime fans with its witty writing and genuine progression. The anime captures the best of all worlds with action scenes, great gags, and some serious scenes as well. It is both episodic and has an overarching story.

The more you spend time with Gintama, the more you come to appreciate it as an ani-manga series. This is perfect, as we have some extra content coming our way later this year.  

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