Given: Will Ugetsu return as a romantic interest?

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Given makes its mark in the industry by being one of the most emotionally driven stories. The characters continue to grow in their life and develop bonds through music. Each character has a gravity that pulls the other, and Ugetsu Murata is the strongest in this sense.

Who is Ugetsu Murata?

Ugetsu Murata is a world-renowned violinist in the world of Given. He is a University student and maintains an on-and-off relationship with Akihiko. Nevertheless, they are roommates and share a place together.

Ugetsu is a prodigy when it comes to music and an even greater genius when it comes to others’ feelings. His usual demeanor is very cheerful and friendly, however, it is a facade that hides his true feelings. He is unable to express his emotions in any other way besides his music. Due to his inability to express himself, he is prone to being very irritable and violent at times.

Ugetsu Murata
Ugetsu Murata (courtesy of Aniplex)

His Relationships with the Characters
Mafuyu Sato

Mafuyu meets Ugetsu for the first time when he visits Akihiko to demonstrate his new song. He was instantly put down by the genius prodigy, remarking that the composition sucked. However, Ugetsu continued to show him where he lacked and where he could improve himself.

Ugetsu appeared as a temporary mentor to Mafuyu, guiding him in his musical journey. Mafuyu revered Ugetsu after witnessing him performing, acknowledging the genius behind his musical composition, and the manner in which his feelings came across.

Mafuyu Sato
Mafuyu Sato (courtesy of Aniplex)

Akihiko Kaji

Akihiko and Ugetsu met in Highschool. Kaji was his first love. They stayed together till their graduation, but Murata ended it when he started working professionally as a violinist. Kaji had nowhere to go, so he started living with Murata as his roommate.

Even after ending things, they kept an on-and-off relationship. Both of them kept crawling back to each other, despite each waiting for the other to leave. They were desperate for each other while understanding that neither of them was good for the other.

Akihiko Kaji
Akihiko Kaji (courtesy of Aniplex)

His Impact on the Characters

Mafuyu Sato

Ugetsu allowed Mafuyu to understand how to direct his feelings in his music. After the first season, by breaking through his past trauma, Mafuyu now has an uncontrolled stream of emotions. By meeting Murata, he learned how to direct them in his music.

As a result, his music grew stronger. This was not all. In return, Mafuyu freed Ugetsu. His song made Murata realize that it was time things end for good, that it was time that he left instead of waiting for Akihito to leave.

Akihiko Kaji

  • The relationship with Ugetsu caged Akihiko for years. Kaji desperately wanted to get back with Murata.
  • This led to Kaji losing his happiness in music, because he kept searching for him everywhere. Akihiko kept hoping that they will get back together.

This, however, would not happen. As Murata caged Kaji, Kaji too caged Murata. Murata could not enjoy his freedom in music when he was with Akihiko. For Murata, it became a despairing choice between Music and Akihiko. He ended up choosing Music, however, he could not let him go. He instead kept waiting for Akihiko to leave.

They were consistently holding each other back from living freely. They both stopped enjoying the things they used to love.

Will he Return?

In light of the events of the Given Movie, Akihiko has finally moved on from his feelings towards Ugetsu. Moving out of Murata’s place to stay with Haruki, and vocalizing that he is letting him go, Akihiko broke their chain of despair. Akihiko can now freely enjoy music, and Ugetsu is now been forced to move on. 

With this, Akihiko closes his chapter with Ugetsu, and the genius prodigy takes his leave from the story. The band moves on with their career and has other things to focus on.

Ugetsu played an interesting character in the series, both pushing and holding back the major character’s development. He allowed a lot of mature tones in the story and has been a very well-written character. It is a shame that he does not make an appearance later in the story.

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