Great Pretender : What made it so special in the community?

Great Pretender What made it so special in the community

Great Pretender is one of the most impressive underrated gems in the entire anime medium that every fan should watch at least once. Everyone who watched the series knows how breathtaking of a show it was, but the real question is, while there are a plethora of unconventional over-the-top available, what made Great Pretender so special in the community?

The Chaotic Narrative

Great Pretender What made it so special in the community
Image Courtesy of Netflix Anime Youtube Channel

One of the most striking aspects of Great Pretender is its non-linear narrative structure. The series tends to focus on a different heist or con, across several arcs. Apart from exploring various locations, characters, and themes through an anthology-like approach, the show is also sprinkled with bizarre yet satisfying plot twists.

As the icing on the cake, everything comes together at the end revealing the overarching plot that was slowly being built up. The immense level of satisfaction that comes with such revelation was surreal with this anime. Great Pretender masterfully blends genres, seamlessly integrating elements of heist, mystery, comedy, and drama all the while oscillating between light-hearted humour and intense emotional moments.

Around the world in 24 episodes

Great Pretender has no fixed setting, thereby managing to deliver a vibrant buffet of visual spectacles.

  • Across the entire series, fans got to experience the distinct atmospheres and cultural nuances of various cities like Los Angeles, Singapore, London, and Tokyo.
  • From the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles to the neon-lit streets of Singapore, the show’s visuals manage to portray a vast assortment of mesmerizing locations, upon which a game of colors and art is played to enhance the narrative and emotions within it.
  • This global perspective not only adds depth to the show’s visuals but also exposes viewers to different societies, customs, and perspectives.
  • This also gave the show the ‘on-the-run’ vibe of a con artist group, essentially roping the audience into the cons of the protagonists by making them feel as if they were a part of it, while still managing to keep them oblivious to the twists.

The True Face of Great Pretender

Great Pretender What made it so special in the community
Image Courtesy of Netflix Anime Youtube Channel

Beneath the vibrant, chaotic, cheery, and gleeful facade, Great Pretender subtly manages to delve quite deep into some serious themes and ideologies reflective of today’s world and society. Through each character’s personal struggles and interpersonal relationships, the anime sheds light on various issues that prevail among the people of today.

Through a creative mix of tones, art styles, settings, music, and character archetypes, Great Pretender manages to weave these serious themes as undertones within the story rather than going out of its way to give a life lesson. Consequently, neither the flow nor the pacing of the anime is ever broken, while managing to provide a rich and thought-provoking tale overall.


Great Pretender is a truly enigmatic anime that is packed with intricacies far more than what meets the eye. It can be a light-hearted, funny crime-thriller joyride for those who wish to see it that way.

But for those with a keen eye for details and intricacies, Great Pretender also delivers one of the most impressive and intricately woven tales through its vibrant and eccentric cast of characters.

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