Hammerhead: What exactly is it?

Hammerhead What exactly is it

Hammerhead is known for making its debut as an insane gore anime in 2015 at the Japan Animator Expo. But it is only recently that the discussions have begun surrounding Hammerhead and how this is a terrifying piece of anime with obscene amounts of violence and gore.

Hammerhead is written and directed by Otaro Maijo and comes with art direction by Mahiro Maeda, who was also the art director for One Punch Man and Neon Genesis Evangelion. With a notable crew and a powerful cast, let’s look further into Hammerhead as we move!

Hammerhead anime – A synopsis of the plot

The released short at the Japan Animator Expo shows Hammerhead anime being narrated through the perspective of a young girl whose father was attacked in the head. But the effects of the attack on his brain somehow spiralled and turned him into a man with superhuman abilities.

Hammerhead What exactly is it
Hammerhead. (Image credit goes to Studio Khara)

The powers he acquired through the transformation gave him insane regenerative abilities and incredible strength, making him a superhuman who is neither a hero nor a villain. He became the personification of violence and he went on the lookout for a foe who could defeat him. The end of his state would be the end of his misery, and when he finally ends after a brutal fight the government decided to revive for their own interests.

How is Hammerhead anime going to be different in its plot?

This anime is about a man who seeks death, only to end the misery of his being. He knows that the violent nature of his being has affected his daughter and the people of the city. But he can only do that by inciting more violence and finding an enemy who could defeat him to end his life once and for all.

Hammerhead What exactly is it
Hammerhead’s daughter is in the anime. (Image credit goes to Studio Khara)

When he finally finds that enemy, he is shredded and burnt to pieces, and a gore graphical representation of his state is portrayed. But the government and their scientists come and revive him, only to make him an agent of destruction to defeat more significant threats to society. These threats are superhuman too, and Hammerhead stands to be the only hope to counter this violence.

Hammerhead anime and a metaphor for the monstrosity

Hammerhead is the man who becomes the metaphor of monstrosity. This monstrosity is the inherent evil that looms over the hearts and minds of the people. It is the monstrous deed of some fellow human which turned a young girl’s father into a monster. And he seeks violence and kills for freedom because it is only through these deeds that he will be able to be finally released.

Hammerhead What exactly is it
Hammerhead – in a very gore and disfigured state. (Image credit goes to Studio Khara)
  • The metaphor of monstrosity in this anime is a recurring theme, and even his own daughter thinks of him as a monster who was a necessary evil.
  • Whether necessary or not, he was evil nonetheless. This makes the anime a real thing of violent beauty to watch and might take a good amount of time to overcome.


This anime has recently evoked several discussions and the content gives it an impression that is uncommon for any anime publicity. The gore and the violence add considerably to the plot, and therefore, have an anime that is not just difficult to watch but also frightening to comprehend.

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