Who is Han Song Yi in Solo Leveling – her relationship with Sung Jinwoo explored

Han Song Yi in Solo Leveling anime Season 1 episode 10 making her first Hunter appearance.

Han Song Yi in Solo Leveling is a Korean E Rank Hunter who made her appearance in the anime quite recently during the first season. While she is a silent yet bold individual, she is naive and desperate to find a way out of school and make money as a pro Hunter. However, as she crosses her paths with Sung Jinwoo, things change and she is caught up in his road to realization.

Sung Jinwoo and Han Song Yi become good acquaintances but Jinwoo’s concern for her arises out of care while Song Yi’s determination arises out of a need. The two are similar yet different, but they face one of the greatest and most horrifying raids together.

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Han Song Yi – An Exploration into her character

Han Song Yi has been introduced in Solo Leveling anime in two different ways. The first impression of hers was as a member of the raid party that Yoo Jinho put together.

However, in a very indirect and subtle manner, the anime also introduced her as a friend and classmate of Jinwoo’s sister Jinah. Song Yi was originally harsh and indifferent about her own education, having dropped out of high school to make quick money as a hunter. But she gradually grows closer to Jinwoo and eventually realizes that being a weak hunter is equivalent to not being a hunter at all.

Song Yi in one of the battle dungeon raids waiting outside a C Rank dungeon gate.
Han Song Yi in Solo Leveling anime (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)
  • Although she is not one to be scared of challenges, she was definitely introduced as the type of kid who would be reckless and mindless in the affairs of raid missions.
  • She was an inexperienced hunter when she was first introduced as a part of the raiding party that was supposed to entertain only a facade.
  • However, it simply masked the fact that Han Song Yi was ready to risk her career as a hunter to earn easy money. What she didn’t realize was that it also involved some slips and falls, some that could be fatal and fearfully so.

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Song Yi has much more in common with Jin Woo than just her Rank

Song Yi becomes a reflection of Jinwoo’s past because she is the E Rank hunter that Jinwoo once was. A helpless kid lost in the abyss of need and compulsion, Song Yi represents Jinwoo’s fears and his decisions. As a hunter, Jinwoo was never of any use when he used to be an E Rank.

On the other hand, Song Yi comes with no experience to begin with. All of these factors somehow contribute to the fact that Jinwoo and Song Yi are mere reflections of each other.

Song Yi being surprised and shocked when Jinwoo confronts her rank.
Han Song Yi during her first interaction with Sung Jinwoo. (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

Moreover, if we were to look at it closely, Jinwoo finds himself in this young girl who has set out to conquer daffodils in winter. He realizes that he could help a child and make up for the help he himself didn’t receive. It was more of a transaction that Jinwoo made in order to secure a girl’s future and keep her away from the horrors of the profession that he was in. He realized that being a Hunter was going to end up badly for Song Yi like it did for Joohee, and in an attempt to help an innocent recruit, he ends up saving one in the process.

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Sung Jinwoo and Han Song Yi – a timeline of their encounters throughout

Song Yi during her conversation with two scouts from the White Tiger Guild.
Song Yi in Solo Leveling Season 1 Episode 10(Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

Jinwoo and Song Yi interact with each other in primarily two arcs throughout the Solo Leveling storyline. She initially refuses to level with his arguments and requests, however, fear and trauma lead her into a life of mature decisions and choices.

The anime introduces her a bit early, in comparison to when she was introduced in the Manhwa. In Episode 2, viewers could see that Song Yi is talking with Jin-ha regarding her brother, Jin-woo.


1. The Yoo Jinho Raid Party Arc – Song Yi’s Introduction in the Manhwa

Song-Yi was enlisted by Jinho when he went recruiting with Jinwoo, and she ended up accepting his offer to drop out of school after finding out how much money Jinho was giving her for just waiting outside a gate and doing nothing. However, Jinwoo failed to recognize her due to his lack of familiarity with his sister’s friends, but he was perplexed as to why she was a hunter at such an early age and with such a low rank.

This impression of Song Yi opens up the discussion of young hunters being enlisted to risk their lives in dimensionless dungeons. While there is no law that protects them in such territories, there is also no law that guarantees their safeguard within raid parties. This is one of the primary reasons why Jinwoo was shocked to see a minor in a raid party who was just an E Rank and who was bold enough to join but ignorant enough to not come with any prior experience.

2. The Red Gate Arc – Song Yi’s ultimate battle of realization

The Red Gate Arc is the upcoming arc in Solo Leveling anime season 2. It covers the battle in a red gate where Jinwoo and Song Yi along with a raid party from the White Tiger Guild are trapped.

Jinwoo learned about Song-Yi from her old teacher and decided to persuade her to return to school by exposing her to the dangers of the profession. To that purpose, he phoned his contacts in the White Tiger Guild and arranged for himself and Song-Yi to participate in one of the guild’s training exercises. Unfortunately, things went disastrously wrong when the gate they walked into provedย to be a Red Gate, leaving them stranded in a frozen, snowy terrain.

It was Jinwoo who eventually kills the dungeon boss Baruka, while most of the members die in a frozen battle. Moreover, Song Yi comes out alive as one of the five survivors and this entire event rattles her soul and convinces her to go back to school. This is not only a result of Jinwoo’s ability to persuade her, but also the element of fear that lingers predominantly in Solo Leveling anime and its characters.

Psychological Effects underlying in the Story

Han Song Yi in conversation during Sung Jinwoo's C Rank dungeon raid.
Han Song Yi in Solo Leveling anime Season 1 (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

Solo Leveling is a story that tends to respect the psychological damage that one undergoes during war. Moreover, it doesn’t disrespect its weak characters but rather gives them a chance at life by changing the discourse that they had previously set their path on. Two of the cases that happen in the early stages of the story are the retirement of B-Rank healer Joohee and E-Rank hunter Song Yi.

  • Song Yi’s decision to resign helps her character grow, protects her without resting on plot armor, and goes against obsolete anime norms.
  • It doesn’t indicate weakness but demonstrates her mental clarity and accepts her compromised state. Her life is spared not by resolve, but because she needs to train differently.
  • Moreover, Song Yi as a character was bound to be affected by mindless violence and needless slaughter and bloodshed. These elements are too inhuman for her age and something that was supposed to be shunned from her life altogether.

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Han Song Yi’s Saving Grace was the Monarch of Death

Sung Jinwoo during one of the C Rank dungeon raids in Solo Leveling season 1 Episode 10
Sung Jinwoo (Image credit goes to Studio A-1 Pictures)

Sung Jinwoo became Han Song Yi’s saving grace by rescuing her from the clutches of the Hunters’ society. Their entire relationship is based on a cyclical pattern where the past repeats itself. However, this time Jinwoo alters that past and changes the course of a life altogether.

Moreover, their relationship is one that represents change and the need for responsibility and peace. One might think that their dynamics were simply limited to the fortification of their professional duties, but one often might fail to comprehend the fact that their relationship was a representation of shared responsibilities and love as well.

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