Haruta Shigemo has a unique Curse Technique: How does it work?

Haruta Shigemo

Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Arc has brought with it pain and suffering along with some new faces. These new faces fall on the villain team but are far more despised than the actual villains. Maybe that’s the fate the underlings get. The most despicable of them all is Haruta Shigemo, whose very existence makes the skin of the community crawl. Equipped with a nasty personality, he has a stronger curse technique that allows him to survive through jujutsu battles.

Why is Haruta Shigemo so repulsive?

Despite the most evil villains in the roster of Jujutsu Kaisen, Haruta Shigemo has the worst personality out of them all. He is a coward who only targets those who are weaker than him. He relishes hurting others and seeing them in pain. Despite his cowardly behavior, he is very intelligent and opts to act in a childish manner.

He is hated for numerous reasons:

  • He hurt Nobara and Nitta and enjoyed torturing them.
  • He hurt multiple auxiliary managers.
  • His behavior and constant bickering are annoying.
Nanami beating Shigemo
Nanami beating Shigemo | Courtesy of MAPPA

All this led to Nanami beating him to a pulp, and yet he survived. He survived a Grade 1 Sorcerer’s continuous offense, all because of innate ability. So what is it? How strong is his ability?

His Curse Technique

Shigemo’s innate ability is called “Miracles“. It grants him the ability to survive any dangerous or near-death situations with ease. It is easily one of the most broken abilities in the universe. Here’s how it works:

  • The ability erases tiny miracles that he might have experienced and erases all memories of it.
  • It stores these miracles under his eyes, as can be seen in his marks.
  • When he is in any danger, the ability is activated.
  • These stored miracles alter his luck, giving him the chance at life again.
  • Once a miracle is used, the mark under his eyes turns white.
Shigemo using Miracles
Shigemo using Miracles | Courtesy of MAPPA

It is truly a mind-blowing curse technique. This allows him to survive almost anything as long as he has a miracle stored under his eyes. This can be seen as he survives three consecutive attacks from an enraged Nanami. However, his luck runs out when Sukuna arrives on the battlefield. He is lucky, but I guess not lucky enough to escape the King of Curses.

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How strong does his curse technique make him?

He is an intelligent sorcerer and would easily rank as a Grade 2 or a Semi-Grade 1. His curse technique pushes him up to Grade 1 if used properly. His sadistic personality did not allow him to use his curse technique to its full potential, however, he had untapped potential that if looked after, could have made him into a powerhouse.

He utilizes a cursed sword, “The Hand Sword” made by Juzo Kamiya. He was given the weapon on the premise that he was unreliable on his own. The sword literally holds his hand. He has decent swordsmanship skills, however, his use of the sword is almost on par with an expert tactician. Shigemo realizes that the sword can make its own decisions and can move on its own. This makes him throw the sword on his target, whenever he does not want to confront them.


Haruta Shigemo has an untapped potential in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. His curse technique can make him one of, if not, the strongest of the sorcerers, rivaling even Gojo Satoru. However, his arrogant and sadistic personality made him a character that fans feel they are better off without. This can be seen in how the community loved the recent episode.

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