Has Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV lived up to fan’s expectations?

Has Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV lived up to fan's expectations

When Square Enix announced Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, a prequel anime series to the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, fans were eager but cautious. As a companion piece to the main game, the five-episode Brotherhood had high expectations to fulfill.

Now that fans have experienced this supplemental story, has Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV lived up to fans’ expectations? Looking at fan reception and reviews, the answer seems to be a qualified yes.

Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV

Prompto Argentum
Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

Brotherhood’s primary goal was to expand on the backgrounds of Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis, and Cor, adding emotional resonance to their relationships in Final Fantasy XV. On this front, most fans agree Brotherhood delivers. Each episode dives into a character’s psyche and motivations, from Gladiolus’ sense of duty to Ignis’ strategic intellect.

Visually, Brotherhood adopts a stylized anime aesthetic that neatly complements Final Fantasy XV’s realistic graphics. While animation quality varies across episodes, the art style choices nail the tone. The music also soars, with delicate emotional piano pieces supporting dramatic character moments. Reviews frequently highlight the soundtrack as a major strength. Fans seem pleased with the care put into the presentation.

Narrative Structure

Perhaps the biggest reservation about Brotherhood was its episodic nature. Some worried this format would make overall storytelling feel disjointed or incomplete. However, the self-contained structure has proven effective at delivering satisfying character explorations.

Episodes still feel cohesive and purposeful in enriching the backstories. The focused storytelling ensures no time is wasted on tangents. Brief as they are, the episodes succeed in humanizing the characters. They feel like real people rather than just sidekicks to Noctis. The thoughtful writing and characterization have earned widespread praise.

Reception and Fan Reactions

Young Prompto
Prompto never tried to socialize with those around him | Image Courtesy of Studio A-1 Pictures

Of course, Brotherhood has its critics. Some contend the series should have tied events more directly into Final Fantasy XV’s plot. A few also argue Brotherhood exposes Final Fantasy XV’s own thin character development. But these complaints do not negate what Brotherhood adds on its own merits. Even skeptics typically praise the characterization.

for the most part, however, Brotherhood has succeeded in meeting if not exceeding fan hopes for meaningful, personality-driven prequel stories. It executes its narrow purpose with care and quality. While inherently limited as a companion piece, Brotherhood proves both moving and fun. It satisfies longtime franchise fans who crave more insights into the main cast. The episodes also offer newcomers a charming introduction to Eos through the lens of Noctis and his friends.


Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV earns its place in the Final Fantasy XV universe. It delivers heartfelt backstories that deepen connections to the characters. Each episode stands solidly on its own while also enhancing the overall experience. For many fans, Brotherhood’s success comes down to how it humanizes this group of heroes. It makes us care about them, raising the stakes for the grand adventure ahead in Final Fantasy XV.

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