Has Dragon Ball turned into a cashgrab venture with its latest announcement?

Has Dragon Ball turned into a cashgrab venture with its latest announcement?

Dragon Ball, one of the most celebrated anime and manga series has undoubtedly become a cultural phenomenon for decades. With its latest installment, Dragon Ball Daima, set to air in fall 2024, we are eagerly waiting for the next adventure in the DragonBall universe. However, as the franchise continues to expand, questions arise about whether it has become more focused on commercial success rather than preserving the connection with its fanbase. More importantly, is Toriyama running out of ideas?

The legacy of Akira Toriyama

Goku in Dragon Ball super
Goku in Dragon Ball super (Image via Toei Animation)

Created by the renowned Akira Toriyama, it has an eternal legacy dating back to the 1980s. Its adventurous storyline, well-known characters, and adrenaline-fuelled battles have cemented its place in the hearts of fans worldwide. The legacy of Dragon Ball is undoubtedly a significant factor in its ongoing popularity.

Dragon Ball’s expansion

All the iconic Gods of destruction
All the iconic Gods of destruction (Image via Toei Animation)

Over the years, the Dragon Ball franchise has expanded in various ways. Sequels, spin-offs, video games, and merchandise have kept the franchise relevant and introduced it to new generations. Even after having repetitive storylines with overpowered heroes (Sorry, not sorry!), Dragon Ball has continued to capture hearts around the world.  This expansion has allowed it to reach wider audiences while capitalizing on the nostalgia of longtime fans.

Dragon Ball Daima: A new venture

Vegeta (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Daima is the fifth anime installment in the its franchise. This new venture was announced during the Dragon Ball Special Panel at New York Comic Con 2023. Akira Toriyama himself introduced the series, revealing that it would air in fall 2024.

The term “DAIMA” itself, as coined by Toriyama, has intriguing connotations. In Japanese characters, it is represented as “大魔,” roughly translating to “Evil” in English. The series promises a unique and grand adventure as Goku and his friends are mysteriously turned small (Chibi like characters) due to a conspiracy. To reverse this transformation, they go on an adventure to a new world. The series boasts intense action and introduces the return of Goku’s iconic Nyoibo (Power Pole).

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The nostalgia factor

Goku in his Super Saiyan mode
Goku in his Super Saiyan mode (Image via Toei Animation)

One of the driving forces behind the franchise’ success is nostalgia. For most anime fans, Dragon Ball Z has been the first ever anime they watched. From Goku and Freiza’s nonstop fight to Goku’s iconic Kamehameha, Dragon Ball franchise has been able to retain its fans permanently. Longtime fans have a deep connection with the original characters and storyline. Dragon Ball Daima could tap into this nostalgia, but the question remains whether it seeks to preserve the essence of the franchise or purely capitalize on it.

The commercial aspect

Dragon ball anime
(Image via Toei Animation)

In the fiercely competitive anime and manga industry, commercial success is essential for sustaining a franchise. With the introduction of Dragon Ball Daima, there’s a concern about the balance between creating engaging content and maximizing profits. How much focus will be on the commercial aspect, and to what extent will it retain its artistic integrity?

A recurring debate in the world of entertainment is whether it’s better to produce a high quantity of content or focus on quality. Dragon Ball Daima forces us to ponder whether it prioritizes one over the other, and how this might impact the viewing experience.

The future

As we look ahead, the question remains: What does the future hold for Dragon Ball and its latest venture, Dragon Ball Daima? Will it redefine the franchise or lead to a more commercialized approach? Only the time will tell. While future is unpredictable, the only thing we fans can predict is how much time we are going to spend on being nostalgic over this anime.


In conclusion, the announcement of Dragon Ball Daima is met with a mix of anticipation and concern. Fans are looking forward to the new adventure, but there are valid questions about the direction the franchise is taking. The delicate balance between creativity and commerce is a challenge that many beloved franchises face as they evolve.

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