Hello World Anime Ending Explained: What actually happened?

Ruri Ichigo from Hello World anime

Hello World anime is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant story about love, loss, and the second chances that life can offer. It is set in a futuristic Kyoto where a high school student named Naomi Katagaki encounters a person claiming to be himself, who time-traveled from 10 years in the future to save a classmate named Ruri Ichigyō.

But what occurs in the movie’s ending, when we witness Naomi waking up from his hospital bed with Ruri smiling at him? Was it all a dream of losing her, or did she save him, or perhaps, were some of the events unfolding in a parallel world?

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Main Plotline of the Hello World anime

In the future Kyoto of 2027, drones document the city’s beauty in real-time, storing it all in a powerful quantum computer called Alltale. One day, Naomi Katagaki meets an unexpected visitor—himself from a decade in the future. Adult Naomi shares a mission: using Alltale to rewrite the past and save Ruri Ichigyō, Naomi’s future girlfriend, who fell into a coma after being struck by lightning at a fireworks festival.

Ruri Ichigo from Hello World
Ruri Ichigyo | Image courtesy of Graphinica

Naomi consults Sensei’s diary, he follows the plan to win Ruri’s heart, and they fall in love. However, on the crucial night of the incident, Naomi listens to Sensei’s advice not to invite Ruri to the festival. This action triggers Alltale’s Homeostatic System, leading to the appearance of kitsune men bots, determined to correct the data.

In a climactic moment, Ruri and Naomi are transported to the site of the impending accident. Naomi summons a black hole, not only erasing the kitsune men but also eliminating the lightning strike that would have originally harmed Ruri. This act successfully rescues Ruri and rewrites the data, altering the course of their destiny.

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Hello World Ending

Adult Naomi with Ruri Ichigo
Adult Naomi with Ruri Ichigyo within Alltale | Image courtesy of Graphinica

In a surprising twist, Sensei takes control of God’s Hand, teleporting Ruri and disappearing. Naomi realizes that Sensei’s goal is to recreate Ruri’s mental state within Alltale, enabling her awakening in the real world.

  • Back in the real world, Sensei embraces the now-awakened Ruri. Kitsune men’s bots suddenly target her, and Sensei realizes their reality is part of Alltale.
  • In a selfless act, Sensei sacrifices himself, knowing only one Naomi can exist, expressing gratitude for the chance to see Ruri smile again.
Ruri Ichigo with Naomi at the fireworks festival
Ruri Ichigyo with Naomi at the fireworks festival | Image courtesy of Graphinica
  • Inside the Alltale Management Facility, Alltale’s data duplication triggers a successful shutdown. The deactivated Alltale logic system reveals the potential of a parallel world within Alltale.
  • In the final scene, adult Naomi awakens on the moon’s human civilization, as an adult Ruri transfers his Alltale memories to the real world, revealing Naomi fell into a coma due to injuries from previous attempts to enter Alltale.

Ending Explained

As the movie Hello World nears its conclusion, it leaves us with some questions. At this pivotal moment, we witness Naomi awakening from his hospital bed, greeted by Ruri’s radiant smile. This scene prompts a range of interpretations:

Ruri Ichigyo smiling at the end of Hello World anime
Ruri Ichigyo smiling at the end of Hello World | Image courtesy of Graphinica
  • Dream or Alternate Reality: One perspective suggests that everything we’ve witnessed, including time travel and encounters with future selves, might have been part of Naomi’s dream or an alternate reality.
  • Successful Timeline Change: Another interpretation is that Naomi and Sensei’s efforts to rewrite history have been successful. They might have effectively altered the course of events and saved Ruri. Her smiling presence in this ending scene could signify a positive outcome resulting from their mission.
  • Multiverse Theory: Given the film’s exploration of time travel and the concept of parallel universes, Naomi may have transitioned to a different timeline or universe, where the chain of events played out differently, ultimately leading to a happier conclusion.


What appears to be most likely is the existence of parallel worlds in the movie. Naomi travels through different timelines and various Alltale worlds to successfully change his original timeline, which indeed happens in the end. The ending suggests a happy outcome, with Naomi and Ruri ending up together in the year 2027.

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