Hell’s Paradise – Is Gabimaru stronger than Lord Tensen?

Hell's Paradise - Is Gabimaru stronger than Lord Tensen

Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise examines the idea of Tao and the centrality of the show revolves around this philosophy. Moreover, owing to this philosophical venture, Lord Tensen becomes an important constituent of the story and they are treated as the sources and the masters of this practice. Tao involves the manipulation of life energy itself, and there are only a few characters who can master it. Among them are Gabimaru, Sagiri, and Shion, all of whom are central to the story, but Shion tries to sacrifice himself during one of the battles against Lord Tensen, defeating him nevertheless.

How strong is Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise and does he have the ability to master Tao?

Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise is a skilled assassin and he is a master of the Ninja Arts. He can also withstand extreme heat because of his Ninjutsu. As a shinobi, he is also a master of Taijutsu and can perform a Ninjutsu known as the ‘fire monk’, which gives him the ability to burn anything and everything within his vicinity. Gabimaru is trained to kill, but he develops a softer side when he falls in love.

Hell's Paradise - Is Gabimaru stronger than Lord Tensen
The group of Lord Tensen. (Image credit goes to MAPPA Studios)
  • Gabimaru can master the use of Tao, as his Ninja training was on similar lines as that of the training involved in mastering Tao.
  • He could easily sense the energy which was emerging out of the beings and also Lord Tensen.
  • Gabimaru is a perfect candidate for mastering Tao as he is not only physically powerful but also psychologically aligned with the use of natural Ninja arts.

Is Gabimaru stronger than Lord Tensen in Hell’s Paradise?

Hell's Paradise - Is Gabimaru stronger than Lord Tensen
Gabimaru’s fight with Lord Tensen. (Image credit goes to MAPPA Studios)

Gabimaru was the first person in a thousand years to escape the deathly blows of the ultimate form of Lord Tensen. He was also able to defeat Lord Tensen in their natural state, which is also a feat that has never been achieved without the mastery of Tao. Gabimaru uses his Ninjutsu to fight an opponent much stronger than him, and he uses his natural senses to battle Lord Tensen in Horai.

Gabimaru can surpass Lord Tensen if he masters Tao. Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise also becomes a prospective candidate for battling and defeating Lord Tensen as we can see that he was able to defeat the superhuman being at the gates of Horai without a proper idea of his abilities.

Will Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise defeat Lord Tensen?

Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise will be able to master Tao, but he still has a lot to learn from his experiences. Meanwhile, it is Sagiri who can get a good grasp on Tao with just her breathing form and her Asaemom instincts. She can sense the flow and conversion of Tao, and she becomes a target of Lord Tensen during their battle at the gates of Horai when finally Shion shows up and defeats Lord Tensen with his innate Tao sensibilities.

Hell's Paradise - Is Gabimaru stronger than Lord Tensen
Shion in Hell’s Paradise. (Image credit goes to MAPPA Studios)

Gabimaru will eventually be able to unlearn his Ninjutsu and adapt to the formalities and functionalities of Tao. He will be able to properly manipulate it with the help of Mei and Sagiri, and it is still a long way down the anime when we would witness this feat being achieved.


Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise is as strong as Lord Tensen, but whether he will surpass them in the use of Tao will slowly be unravelled as we advance through the story. But whatever the consequences, it will be interesting to see how Gabimaru being the main protagonist masters this art and uses it to his advantage to return to the love of his life as a free man.

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