Hell’s Paradise: Why have the fans not been liking it?

Hell's Paradise Why have the fans not been liking it

Among the plethora of shounen titles that came out this season, Hell’s Paradise was a seinen that promised to provide a much-required breather from the standard releases and sequels. However, the reception of it hasn’t exactly been stable across the board. As the series nears the end of its first season, there is one lingering query. Are fans really enjoying Hell’s Paradise?

Hell’s Paradise: Do the fans like it?

Alongside Oshi no Ko, Hell’s Paradise was one of the anime that stood out the most this season. While it wasn’t as flashy or celebrated as the former, such a reaction is to be expected from a Seinen show. But fans of the genre and manga readers who knew what to expect were quite pleased with the two episodes. Everything from the premise to the visuals was intriguing.

  • However, this positive reception seemed to decline after the first two episodes. This wasn’t a sudden shift or unprecedented shift though.
  • According to fan responses, the show’s reception slowly took a negative shade as every week passed. Still, the story and premise have stayed true to the manga and hence these negative reactions are only from a small fraction of the fan base.

Slow Start

hell's paradise episode 6 gabimaru
Gabimaru is seen on the island where he pursues the Elixir of Life to get back to his beloved wife. (Image via IMDb)

While many fans are enjoying the anime, some feel that the show started quite slowly. This observation isn’t exactly baseless as the show does have quite a bit of a drag in the early episodes, especially when we get to the island.

  • In the beginning, the show has quite a huge array of characters which shifted the focus from Gabimaru and the main plot at times.
  • Apart from the characters, the story itself moved at a snail’s pace for a while.
  • But this is to be expected from seinen series and veterans of the genre knew that. A very popular and critically acclaimed series like Steins; Gate only moves after the twelfth episode.
  • Similarly, that point in Hell’s Paradise was episode 9. After almost 90% of the season is done, we’re just getting into the anime’s power system.

Expectations from Mappa

Top 10 Convicts in Hell's Paradise
Hell’s Paradise. (Image via MAPPA Studios)

Another huge reason why fans were dissatisfied with the anime seems to be the decline in production quality. The animation, visuals, soundtrack, art, and everything technical were rock solid in the first two episodes of the anime. This is the quality that fans expect from Mappa, a studio that has a large roster of critically acclaimed anime under its belt.

However, it seems that there was a considerable drop in quality after the first two episodes. The art style was quite unique, to say the least, but it matched the overall essence of the anime. But many fans expected animation the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen, to complement this art style. As a seinen with a captivating plot, Hell’s Paradise could take the spot of one of the best new-gens, with the right kind of animation.


Overall, Hell’s Paradise isn’t bad. And it isn’t even disliked by the majority of the fans. Still, there has been a considerable drop in the quality of the recent episodes when compared to the first two, which is unlike Mappa.

With the release of the recent Episode 9 however, Mappa seems to have gotten back on track, giving us a truly spectacular episode. The story of Hell’s Paradise is just getting started, and as we get deeper into the island’s lore and history, Mappa might step up their game.


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