Here’s how Shangri-La Frontier represented the LGBTQIA+ community in the most unique way possible

Here's how Shangri-La Frontier represented the LGBTQIA+ community in the most unique way possible

Shangri-La Frontier has been dominating all the shows of the season, closely following after Frieren Beyond Journey’s End. It has an engaging and exciting story, and recently in Episode 12, it represented the LGBTQIA+ community in the most unique way possible. It was so well done that you might even miss it if you do not pay attention.

While not explicitly visible, it is a very proper way of expressing what the LGBTQIA+ community stands for. This was done by using Sunraku’s friend, Katzo, as a figure who represented the Transgender community through his Avatar. Let’s not waste time and dive right into it.

Who is Katzo?

Oikatzo | Courtesy of C2C

Kei Uomi is a fellow gamer whom Sunraku met during one of his time playing a trash game. Kei often goes with the name that contains the word Katzo and is a pro gamer, being one of Japan’s best fighting gamers. He is known as Oikatzo in SLF, Katzo Tataki in United Rounds, Modor Katzo in Berserk Online Passion, and K in GH:C.

He is one of the people Arthur Pencilgon, his mutual friend with Sunraku, trusted for defeating Wezaemon. His skill is on par with Sunraku, honed to the absolute limit due to his exposure to both good and trash games. His job in SLF is Monk, making a complete HP and Vitality build, allowing him to tank damages. This is clearly his way of playing a “kill them before they can kill you” style of gaming. His avatar in SLF is of a young girl, truly showcasing the habit of gamers going for cute avatars.

Arthur Pencilgon, Oikatzo, Emul, and Sunraku
Arthur Pencilgon, Oikatzo, Emul, and Sunraku | Courtesy of C2C

This is where the show slides in their way of expressing and representing the LGBTQIA+ community. Although very subtle, it is one of the most unique and brilliant ways to include them.

How did Shangri-La Frontier represent the LGBTQIA+ community?

In episode 12, we find both Sunraku and Okatzo entering the Iron Ruins of Divinity to grind to level 50. They are accompanied by Sunraku’s Vortal companion, who uses the pronouns for a girl when referring to Okatzo. This surprises Sunraku and he goes on to explain that Okatzo isn’t really a girl, and this turns out to be the best way of representing the Transgender community.

Sunraku explaining it to Emul
Sunraku explaining it to Emul | Courtesy of C2C

He says, and I quote, “Sometimes a person can look like a woman, but they’ve got the soul of a man.” If this isn’t a genius way of hinting toward the community, then there probably ever won’t be a good way of representing the community. This is the most accurate way of explaining who Transgender individuals are to someone who is completely oblivious to their existence, in this case, the game’s NPC Emul.


Many shows have attempted to represent the LGBTQIA+ community, however, have miserably failed. Either they are misrepresented or are so off the mark that it simply cannot be counted even as a representation. But, this trend has been broken by Shangri-La Frontier with the most unique and subtle way of accepting and representing the community.

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