High Card Anime: How are the X-playing Cards ranked in Power?

High Card anime How are the X-playing Cards ranked in Power (1)

The announcement of High Card anime season 2 reminds us of the potential that the unique plot of the anime holds. It seems like the creators are ready to tap into the potential with another season. High Card is a story of a deck of cards that provides superpowers to its users. The cards choose their owner and can’t be played just by anyone. 

The 52 X-playing cards are at the centre and make the anime more intriguing. These cards are all unique but how does the power system work? To understand the power system better, we need to understand how the cards are ranked and how all the cards that have been introduced so far fit into this ranking. 

The high card follows the French-suited set of playing cards

High Card How are the X-playing Cards ranked in Power
Finn Oldman using his card | Image Courtesy via Crunchyroll

High-card anime follows the widely popular French-suited set of cards. In a French-suited set of cards, the four suits will be Spade, Diamonds, Clubs, and Hearts. While the hierarchy depends on every game individually, an alphabetical order is followed with A being the lowest and Z being the highest. Therefore Spades are the highest in value followed by Hearts, then Diamonds, and finally Clubs. 

X-playing cards ranking in High Card Anime

  • The powers and abilities in the card depend on the value and suit the card belongs to. When the X-hand is played, the card changes into a glove enabling the user to boost his abilities. 
  • High value and higher suit in terms of hierarchy lead to a more powerful ability. For example- Finn’s card is 2 of spades which is the highest suit but 2 being the lowest value lowers down his abilities overall. 
High Card How are the X-playing Cards ranked in Power
2 of spades | Image Courtesy of Studio Hibari
  • All these cards also have some after-effects. The toll of these effects is also proportional to the power of the ability. Better the ability more the risks and after effects on the user. 
  • One of the higher abilities that have been shown in the anime so far is Ace of Spades which is Wendy’s card. Her ability allows her to summon a katana, unsheathing the sword leads her to getting possessed and gaining monstrous strength and abilities. She initially gave a hard time to everyone around her in the initial episodes. 


Besides the ranking, all the suits work differently. 

  • The suit of hearts affects the body of the player as seen with John Doe, who can split himself up into 5 bodies. 
  • The suit of spades allows the user to invoke different weapons as seen with Wendy. 
  • The suit of diamonds grants its user supernatural powers. These powers are individual to the user, Bobby ball can turn things into marbles and flick them at the same speed as bullets. 
High Card How are the X-playing Cards ranked in Power
Image Courtesy of Studio Hibari
  • And finally, the suit of Clubs affects natural elements. As seen with Alexander who can touch and manipulate the earth’s surface around him and Vijay Kumar being able to communicate with plants. 

The anime started interestingly by giving the protagonist one of the weakest cards. His weakness is also a result of the polar opposing contrast between his card and his personality. It’ll be a delight to see him overcome the difficulties with his weak card. It was mentioned in the first few episodes that the usage of a card depends on the user’s abilities. 


High Card How are the X-playing Cards ranked in Power
The scene when Finn gets recruited | Image Courtesy of Studio Hibari

The X-playing cards element of High Card anime makes the card reveals significant and something to look forward to. Understanding the abilities and the ranking of the card helps in understanding the overall power system. Season 2 will let us in on more details about the other cards in the deck. 

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