How does Anime and Manga make us emotional? Explained

How does Anime and Manga make us emotional

Although anime is frequently linked to action, adventure, and comedy genres, there exists a wealth of series that delve into more profound and emotional themes. But have you ever thought about how anime and manga make us emotional? What specifically makes us attached to these shows? Well, let’s find out.

Anime, in general, keeps us hooked through its character’s relationship, as well as keeps us invested in that character’s journey. And sometimes, its sole purpose is just to showcase some “oppais” and be perverted. Let’s not deny it.

But there are others like Your Lie in April, Full Metal Alchemist, and many more that have been crafted to inspire and captivate those who seek intellectual and emotional engagement.

What keeps us attached to these Animes and Mangas?

How does Anime and Manga make us emotional
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  • Simply put, when you’re dealing with attachment issues, all that occupies your mind is the urge to resume your addictive binge-reading or binge-watching of that incredible manga or anime series you’ve stumbled upon.
  • You’re determined not to endure any more cliffhangers, so you resolve to keep reading or watching until you reach a conclusion, whether it’s the end of a chapter, an episode, or the entire series.

You may not directly experience the same challenges as the characters, but their journeys resonate with your heart, and you empathize with their struggles. If you find immense joy in witnessing a gratifying resolution to a story arc within a series, it’s clear evidence of your deep affection for those characters. That says it all.

How does the Characters affect our state of mind?

If you like immersing yourself in the stories of your favorite characters, you’ll gradually start understanding their way of thinking and the strategies that made them solve their mysteries.

How does Anime and Manga make us emotional
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This is precisely why you find yourself deeply moved when reaching an overwhelming chapter or witnessing their triumphs within the narratives. What brings tears to your eyes may not have the same effect on someone else. Indeed, various characters evoke emotions in viewers in unique ways. The emotions that Naruto evoked in me when he became a Hokage, is something that I or maybe we’ll never forget.

You might even find yourself adopting certain habits from them, mimicking their body language, gestures, mannerisms, clothing choices, hairstyles, and more. The specifics don’t really matter; anything goes as long as it’s a characteristic of your cherished anime or manga character.

How does Anime and Manga make us emotional?

To put it in a nutshell, the series ends, the character dies. You know you’ll never encounter them in real life or maybe in any other season, but you’re reluctant to bid them farewell. Whether it’s after experiencing a satisfying conclusion to a beloved series or after viewing how your beloved character heroically saves the world through sacrificial death.

How does Anime and Manga make us emotional
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  • Once you’ve completed binge-watching the anime, you dive into Volume 1 of the manga. Likewise, after reading the manga series, you start with Episode 1 or Season 1 of the anime.
  • Anything goes, as long as these characters remain a constant presence in your life. Some move to other sources of that series such as fan art and some move to creating their own theories on what could happen or what could’ve happened.

When it all comes to a close, your ultimate desire is to see a happy conclusion and a fulfilled life for the protagonist and his/her friends.


There are other Western movies and series that often prioritize more on character development and relationships. And those are great. But just like you, I find anime and manga better.

That’s our view on how anime and manga make us emotional. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments below. And for more such info scans and introspection in the anime genre, do have a look at our amazing weekly newsletter.

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