How is Princess Jellyfish anime different from other Shoujos?

How is Princess Jellyfish anime different from other Shoujos

Anime genres exist to make it easier for fans to identify similar types of content based on what they’ve previously enjoyed. However, not all shows that belong to a particular demographic or genre have to be the same. Princess Jellyfish is such a Shoujo series that stands out for its deviation from typical tropes. How is Princess Jellyfish anime different from other Shoujos? Let’s find out.

Protagonist and Character Dynamics

How is Princess Jellyfish anime different from other Shoujos
Image Courtesy of Brain’s Base Studios

Princess Jellyfish revolves around Tsukimi Kurashita, an introverted, socially awkward girl with a deep passion for jellyfish. Unlike many shoujo heroines who are confident and charming, Tsukimi is a relatable and grounded character due to her insecurities and fear of interacting with others. Her character comes off as well-rounded and three dimension, especially due to the emphasis on the struggles of introversion and highlighting the beauty in embracing one’s quirks.

Moreover, the supporting characters in Princess Jellyfish also defy traditional shoujo archetypes.

  • The story focuses on a group of otaku women living in an apartment complex called Amamizukan. Each member of the group possesses unique interests and eccentricities that challenge societal norms.
  • For instance, there is a cross-dressing man named Kuranosuke, who adds an element of gender fluidity and exploration to the narrative.
  • The diverse character dynamics offer a refreshing and unconventional take on relationships and friendships.

Self-Identity and Acceptance

Princess Jellyfish also delves into themes of self-identity and acceptance, which are not often explored in traditional shoujo narratives. Tsukimi’s journey revolves around embracing her love for jellyfish, her otaku lifestyle, and her appearance.

  • The series pays great attention when it comes to emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and finding one’s own definition of beauty.
  • It encourages viewers to embrace their passions, regardless of societal judgment, and challenges conventional notions of what it means to be “feminine” or “normal.”
  • This departure from traditional gender roles and societal expectations is a prominent aspect of the anime.

Social Commentary and Critique

How is Princess Jellyfish anime different from other Shoujos
Image Courtesy of Brain’s Base Studios

Princess Jellyfish ditches the conventional Shoujo romance track and instead prioritizes female empowerment and camaraderie, something that most Shoujo wouldn’t dare to do, as it might be demographic-breaking.

  • The narrative focuses on the friendship and support among the female characters, showcasing them as strong, independent individuals.
  • Their unity and determination to preserve their unique way of life highlight the importance of solidarity and pursuing personal goals outside of romantic endeavors.
  • The series often weaves social commentary and critique into its storylines. It sheds light on various societal issues, including class distinctions, consumerism, and the impact of gentrification on local communities.

The characters’ struggle to save their beloved Amamizukan from being demolished to make way for a luxurious development serves as a metaphor for the clash between tradition and progress. By intertwining these themes, the anime presents a nuanced exploration of social dynamics and the tension between individuality and conformity.


Different tales and plotlines demand different genres and demographics to work best. However, it is vital to utilize juxtapositions and unconventional approaches within an established genre or demographic to shed light on certain crucial issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Princess Jellyfish aims to accomplish a similar task with the shoujo demographic as its base but never hesitates to deviate from it when required.

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