How is Yuji related to Sukuna? JJK Manga finally has the answers (and you probably guessed them)

Ryomen Sukuna - the king of Curses in Yuji's body featuring in How is Yuji related to sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 257 has finally confirmed what many fans have long suspected – Yuji Itadori and Sukuna, the series’ main protagonist and antagonist, are not just connected but are related.

Its hardly surprisingly, to be honest. Given the weird similarity between Sukuna’s soul and Yuji, we had connected the dots and theorized that Yuji could, at the very least, be Sukuna’s descendant. But now we know that these two are closer relatives than we expected! But how? How is Yuji related to Sukuna?

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JJK 257 explains Yuji’s true Lineage

Choso and Yuji in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
Choso and Yuji. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

The chapter opens with a flashback scene of Sukuna conversing with Uraume about the circumstances surrounding Yuji’s birth. Almost a bit too casually, Sukuna reveals that while he was in the womb, he consumed his own twin brother out of hunger (as one does).

While early leaks suggested this consumed soul later became Yuji, recent (more reliable) translations indicate the soul was reborn as Jin Itadori – Yuji’s father.

Sukuna is Yuji’s Uncle

  • So to clarify the family ties: After Sukuna devoured his twin in the womb, that twin’s soul went through a reincarnation cycle before eventually being born as Jin Itadori.
  • Kenjaku then procreated with Jin, and from that union, Yuji was born. This means Yuji is not Sukuna’s twin reborn, but rather the son of Sukuna’s twin brother – making Sukuna his uncle.

This surprising relationship between Yuji and Sukuna raises fascinating questions about Yuji’s immense power and potential. In the chapter, Uraume wonders if Yuji possesses strength on par with Sukuna himself. The evidence so far suggests a resounding “yes.”

Is Yuji really stronger than Sukuna after his Awakening?

Yuji in Jujutsu High
Itadori Yuji in Jujutsu Kaisen anime. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

Recent events have shown Yuji not only matching Sukuna’s might but exceeding it through an explosive awakening of power. He has:

  • Effortlessly tanked Sukuna’s strongest slashes while instantly healing like Gojo
  • Mastered two powerful Cursed Techniques simultaneously
  • Landed 8 consecutive Black Flashes on Sukuna, an unprecedented feat

As the narrator states, Yuji has now surpassed Sukuna in raw power and strength. His body hosts not just Sukuna’s innate technique but an entirely new one born from his awakening. The editor’s comments even directly praise Yuji overtaking his demonic uncle’s abilities.

To be fair though, while Yuji’s recent awakening has made his superior might overtly clear, there are arguments that he has actually been stronger than Sukuna all along – at least in potential. From the very first chapter, Yuji’s body and soul have demonstrated the ability to dominate and suppress Sukuna’s presence.

Even Kenjaku seemed to know that Yuji would be the one who would defeat Sukuna. So, in that sense, Yuji’s awakening hasn’t granted him new strength so much as unlocked power he has held desde el principio.

This explains why Sukuna hates Yuji

Sukuna sitting on his throne and hating on Yuji
Ryomen Sukuna – The King of Curses. (Image credit goes to Studio MAPPA)

Funnily enough, this breakthrough in power also explains why the usually unflappable Sukuna has expressed visible annoyance towards Yuji throughout the series. As his nephew wielding comparable (and now superior) strength, Yuji likely represents a uniquely vexing obstacle that gets under Sukuna’s skin like no other.

Sukuna is, essentially, a grown man beefing with his fifteen-year-old nephew. And who can blame him? Families can be hard.

With this shocking (not really) family connection revealed, Jujutsu Kaisen has raised the stakes for its final arc. Will Yuji fully capitalize on his awakened power to defeat his Uncle Sukuna once and for all? Or does the King of Curses have some sinister trump card still waiting in the wings? Buckle up folks, because this mind-blowing revelation has set the stage for an epic hard-hitting climax.

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