How powerful is the Reio in Bleach?

Reio - The Soul King

Bleach holds the record of having some of the baddest and coolest characters in the anime community. Reio in Bleach tops the list without an effort. His entire existence is the very reason the universe of Bleach exists, he is the prime example of the “honored one“. In this article, we will delve into how powerful he really is, what his abilities are, and why he has always been the center of the story.

Who is Reio in Bleach?

Reio, aka the Soul King, is the ruler of Soul Society who resides in Soul King Palace. He is protected by the Royal Guard. He is a godlike entity, whose existence is tied to the three realms – Soul Society, the Human World, and Hueco Mundo.

The Soul King
The Soul King | Courtesy of Tite Kubo

Why is he so Important?

There are many reasons why the Reio is important, mainly for the existence of everything in the universe.

  • When all three realms were one, there was no concept of life and death. It was he who split it into three and gave birth to the living and the dead.
  • He regulates the flow of the souls into and out of Soul Society and keeps it stable.
  • Without him, the three realms would conjoin and all life would suffer.

His very existence keeps all that the characters know safe. A crucial log in this tapestry of clockwork, one without whom everything falls apart. He has been sealed up and restrained in his palace, his limbs and organs removed, by the 5 Great Noble Clan along with Ichibe Hyosube of the Royal Guard.

The Royal Guard
The Royal Guard | Courtesy of Pierrot

His Abilities

Few abilities have officially been shown of Reio, yet these few abilities are detrimental to anyone opposing him. His abilities include:

  • Immeasurable Spiritual Power: He has to maintain and withstand the flow of the three realms alone. Such responsibility demands an equal amount of Spiritual power. His power surpasses the spiritual strengths of all living and dead creatures. When Yhwach absorbed him, he collapsed to the ground from the sheer strain of it.
  • Oken Bestowment: He has the power to modify the bones of the Royal Guard or any shinigami he desires into the Oken. This allows them to enter the Soul King Palace. The Oken is the key that is inscribed within the bones.
  • Precognition: He can foresee all possible futures. He is Omniscient.
  • Precognitive Immunity: He and his body parts are immune to any other precognitive abilities, allowing them to never appear in the future if anyone tries to foresee it. This gives them the freedom and control over the future, changing it to how it needs to be rather than what it is turning out to be.

Reio has many beings that stem from him. Taking into consideration multiple beings that play very important roles in the story.

  • Pernida Parnkgjas: It is the left hand of Reio. It is a member of the Sternritters with the designation C – The Compulsory. It has multiple abilities such as Precognitive Immunity, Evolution Governance, The Compulsory, and Reishi Manipulation.
  • Mimihagi: It is the right hand of Reio. He is a Fallen Deity that operates in the outer areas of Eastern Rukongai. It has multiple abilities such as Precognition and immunity to it, Umbrakinesis, Consumption, and Stagnation Governance.
  • Gerard Valkyrie: He is the heart of Reio. He is a member of the Sternritters with the designation M – The Miracle. He has multiple abilities such as The Miracle, Reishi Manipulation, Wings, Immense Strength, and Immeasurable Spiritual Power.
  • Yhwach: He is the son of Reio and the father of Quincy. He has multiple abilities such as Soul Distribution Power, Auswahlen, The Almighty, Reishi Manipulation, Quincy Spell Expert, Immeasurable Spiritual Power, Immense Strength, Immense Endurance, and Shadow.

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He is the center of the Story

The entire plot of Bleach revolves around him. He is the one who started it, and even with his death, he continues to be the central point of it. All the antagonists Ichigo has faced so far are fixated on the Soul King.

Sosuke Aizen
Sosuke Aizen | Courtesy of Tite Kubo

Aizen hated the conditions of the Soul Society and the puppet king it had. He saw in himself more fitting to become King of Soul Society. This led to the countless arcs we sat by watching and enjoying. Ichigo’s birth, and his powers as a Shinigami, Quincy, and Hollow were all part of Aizen’s plan, that began due to his fixation with the Reio.

Yhwach | Courtesy of Pierrot

Yhwach’s goal is to destroy soul society and bring in the unification of all beings alive and dead. This could only be possible at the demise of the Soul King. The first Quincy War and the second Quincy War were all motivated to this extent. Even after killing his father, Ywach had to bear the responsibility as he absorbed his father’s essence.

At the death of the previous Reio, Ywach’s body is made the new King and is used to maintain the pressure and flow of the three realms. This only shows how crucial the existence of the Soul King is. His very existence is so powerful that one cannot do away with it. A necessary piece of a puzzle, one that could exist without the puzzle but the puzzle could not exist without it.


It would be a disgrace to not consider Reio as the most powerful character in Bleach, owing him the entire credit for this beautiful story that we have come to enjoy, right after Kubo. As powerful as other characters go, The Soul King is definitely a contender, not to be taken lightly, by other shows.

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