How does Ragna’s powers work in Ragna Crimson?

Ragna in Ragna Crimson

Ragna’s powers in Ragna Crimson are mysterious and have not been explained in the anime as of yet. This opens up the world of speculations and theory-crafting, one that we anime fans love a lot. As such, in this article, I will try to shape my understanding of how his power really works, or at least what I have made of it. Let’s dive right into it.

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Ragna Crimson

Silverstein Aura
Silverine Aura | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.

Ragna is a young Dragon Hunter on a journey with his best friend and savior, Leonica. Leo here is the strongest Dragon Hunter in their guild with the highest Dragon Kills. She is undoubtedly unkillable when it comes to Dragons. At least that’s what he thought. When one day Dragons attack their town with their full might, Leo dies protecting him. Ridden with guilt, Ragna breaks past his limits over the years and becomes the strongest Dragon Hunter in the world.

But being the strongest isn’t what he desires, what he truly wants is to reunite with his friend. So that’s what he does, he goes back in time and gives all the strength he has been able to master to his old self, in hopes of saving his friend this time. He is successful, but it doesn’t end here. With his future self’s memories, he realizes that there’s much danger ahead. Parting ways with his friend, he sets on to exterminate all the dragons in the world.

The synopsis is very abrupt, but the anime executes it with brilliance. If there’s anything that has been left in the shadows, it is probably if he will successful this time and how his abilities truly work. “His sword merged with his body” – is the only explanation we have received for his abilities, but how do they truly work?

Ragna’s Abilities

Silverstein Battle Arts
Silverine Battle Arts | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.

Ragna merged with his sword – A sword made out of Silverine that is capable of freezing Dragons. It is told that Silverine does not freeze Dragon’s blood but instead, the magic that flows in the blood. Till Episode 5, he has demonstrated three ways of using his ability, which he calls the Silverine Battle Arts. 

  • It can be agreed that with the sword merging into his body, Silverine has now become somewhat of a life force inside his body. This is similar to the concepts of Chakra from Naruto, Ki from Dragon Ball, or Nen from Hunter x Hunter.
  • This inner Silverine Energy works in a similar fashion as anti-Magic energy within Asta from Black Clover. It has the ability to negate magic.
  • His ability to Freeze on Touch probably works on the condition that the scales of Dragons also have blood flowing inside them. This direct touch with the scales allows him to directly come into contact with the blood within and freeze the magic there.
Ragna freezing a dragon
Ragna freezing a dragon | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.
  • His ability to create a tiny ball of energy that has pieces of Silverine shards is similar to Rasengan which Ashura was able to use in Naruto. He is able to mold his energy into a physical form allowing it to exist independently outside his body. His ball of destructive energy is passed onto his enemies, which when it bursts comes in contact with the magic within them, freezing them entirely.
Silverstein Ball of Energy
Silverine Ball of Energy | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.
  • His ability to create multiple swords works on similar principles as those of Conjurer in Hunter x Hunter. The swords he creates are not perfect but they are pure Silverine energy making anyone who uses it a deadly Dragon Hunter.
Silverstein Sword Manifestation
Silverine Sword Manifestation | Courtesy of SILVER LINK.

All these point to the fact that although his body is the one that has been merged with Silverine, it is his mind that gives away to his abilities. However, he had to train his body for years to be able to execute all those bodies. He also had to create an ability to be able to release the energy outside his body. All of this points to one thing and one thing only, the fact that we never have been able to witness the creation of a power system has been removed with this anime.

This Power System is not unique and we have had precedents of it, yet in the form it is in right now, it is very crude. It is fascinating to see how it is difficult to show how the character came up with the system. I am, however, an anime-only fan, making me unaware of quite a many things about the series. Maybe in the upcoming episodes, we will be exposed to more of its secrets. Yet, so far this is how the system can be understood, as a system similar to one we have seen so many times, an Inner Energy format.

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