How strong are the Strawhats after the timeskip?

How strong are the Strawhats after the timeskip

Being strong was never a criterion to be a Strawhat which makes the growth of the Strawhats after the time skip all the more surprising. Luffy never sought the strongest to be his crew members. We are well aware of how close we were to getting a seagull and a zombie to accompany him on his journey. 

All the Strawhats have a goal to accomplish and a role to play in the crew. They all have one thing in common: the desire to protect one another. Which has also pushed them to grow stronger and hold their ground if necessary. 

How strong are the Strawhats after the timeskip?

The Strawhat Crew | Image Courtesy via IMDb


Nami in One Piece
Nami in One Piece anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Nami was never a fighter, but she always stepped up to fight in times of need. Concerning strength post-time-skip, she uses her Clima Tact with utmost efficiency. She has been able to defend herself time and again without the help of others. Her ability to forecast weather has helped her manipulate weather-related powers as seen with Zeus. 

Nico Robin

Nico Robin
Robin in Wano | Image Courtesy via IMDb

We never saw much of Robin when it comes to fighting. She has always been able to use her devil fruit to aid others and to keep dangers at bay. Fans in Wano experienced a proper display of strength from Robin. She saved Sanji from Black Maria and was brutal.

This tells us that Robin doesn’t hold back when she fights, post-time-skip more so. Her faith in her crewmates and her capabilities come together and make her an intimidating opponent. 


Chopper’s character design in Wano | Image Courtesy via IMDb

It’s not a coincidence that Chopper’s post-time-skip journey has been majorly focused on his goal. He has been doing the doctor’s job much more as compared to the fights. He can be a menace when he’s angry, his transformations are a wonderful weapon. His reluctance and inexperience hinder his will to fight but he has gotten way better at all that post the time-skip.

We still don’t have a clear picture of his abilities because of the shift in his character. But he can control his monster point and can utilize and judge his capabilities better which takes his monstrous abilities to a different level. 


Franky One Piece
Franky since Water 7 till now | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Franky is super strong post-time-skip, to say the least, he’s a cyborg who can modify himself. He is extremely confident in his abilities and doesn’t shy away or hold back with his opponents. He has attacked Big Mom in Wano without giving it a second thought. His duel with Senor Pink was a battle only the brave at heart can fight. Post-time-skip Franky is infamous for being sidelined but he can easily stand up to pre-time-skip Luffy. 



God Usopp’s strength was always proportional to the stakes in a fight. His survival instincts get the best out of him. His training with Heracles has brought him almost on par with the pre-time skip Monster trio and turned him into a low-key botanist. He steps up when he needs to.

The potential to be able to use Observation Haki will help him significantly as he has always been good at planning and plotting. He also has a lot of experience as compared to his pre-time skip version. The fight or flight response along with the experience and increased capabilities have made him next to only the monster trio and Jimbei. 

Black Leg Sanji

Pre timeskip Sanji
A glimpse of Sanji from Water 7 arc | Image Courtesy via IMDb

One character who has had a consistent graph both pre and post-time skip is Sanji. Whether it’s the screen time we talk about or the character development. He entered the monster trio by enduring fatal wounds inflicted by a literal god and other formidable foes.

Pre-time skip Sanji heavily relied on his brains and his physical abilities as he fights without any weapons or devil fruits; which is also the reason why his growth might not be as apparent as some other Strawhats. But his training on Kambaka Island and his Germa genes have aided his post-skip curve. His endurance is only second to Zoro and Luffy among his crewmates. 

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro Post Timeskip
Zoro in Wano | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Zoro was plenty strong even when he was introduced. Up till Marineford, he constantly got himself injured time and again. The life-threatening injury from Mihawk or getting beaten up by Mr. 1 before defeating him in one slash, everything led to something we don’t know about because nothing happened.

From that to post-time-skip, he barely struggled with any opponent and stood unrivaled up until his fight with King. His durability has skyrocketed given his intense training with Baboons, Enma validated his swordsmanship by accepting him, and his battle IQ has improved from his years of experience. None of it helped with his navigation skills it seems. 

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Given that Luffy is the MC, his growth in terms of strength has been blatantly apparent. After training with Rayleigh during the time-skip he was already much stronger than before. Some of his power-ups include the three forms of Gear 4 and the legendary Gear 5. He has awakened his devil fruit and can use the three forms of Haki. Being able to use Haki helps him with boosting his other attacks.

He has gotten more composed over the years which can be seen in the fights and when it comes to the crew. Luffy was a monster as early as in Arlong Park, the current Luffy who is also the fifth Emperor has experienced an increase of at least tenfold or more.



We didn’t get much insight into Brook’s character pre-time skip except for his past with his crew and Thriller Bark. Post time skip Brook has continued to support the crew in different ways. Some of his best moments include stealing the poneglyph print from Big Mom and his evolution to become the Soul King. 

As for Jinbei he only came to be a Strawhat post-time skip. Pre-time skip Jinbei was equally matched with Ace in terms of strength. After joining the crew his contribution as a powerhouse of experience and expertise is indispensable. 


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