How Strong is Boruto after the Timeskip?

How Strong is Boruto after the Timeskip

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 is finally out. Boruto has finally returned to the Leaf after a three-year timeskip, completing his training and travels with Sasuke. Although we got to see the design changes for various characters, the first chapter didn’t showcase the abilities of any of them. So how Strong is Boruto after the timeskip? Let’s find out.

Training with Sasuke

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Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto, in one of Kaguya’s dimensions (Image courtesy Pierrot Studios)

The most important factor when it comes to Boruto’s post time skip strength has to be his training with Sasuke. When he came out of his training period, Sasuke was a totally different type of beast. He had created his own variations of the chidori, was able to non-lethally take down one thousand shinobi, and had also invented Kirin.

Under the guidance of such a master, Boruto’s post-time skip abilities and base attributes would be off the charts. He has already shown promise in almost every single one of his fights and is only bound to get stronger as time passes. Training with Sasuke would’ve taught him both the ways of serving as a rogue ninja and bringing out Boruto’s true potential.

How Strong is Boruto?

Boruto’s powers are also heavily based on how good he is at controlling the divine powers within him. With Sasuke by his side, Boruto must’ve mastered the available functionalities of the Karna seal and might’ve even learned to suppress Momoshiki completely.

Sasuke is also the most experienced Dojutsu user in the series, which means he could’ve trained Boruto to control his Jougan if he had activated it accidentally during their training. While not much about the Jougan is known so far, given the power of Kawaki’s Dojutsu, it should be strong enough to rival it.

Boruto’s Combat Style

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Boruto Uzumaki after the timeskip. How Strong is Boruto after the Timeskip?

From what we’ve seen in the first chapter of Two Blue Vortex, Boruto seems to have adapted Sasuke’s clothing style and is even using a sword now. His fighting style might now revolve around Kenjutsu, while also relying on strategy and speed over raw physical strength, just like his master.

Being a prodigy, Boruto already had access to multiple Nature transformations as a genin, giving him the versatility required for tactical combat. We already got to see the Student-teacher dynamic between him and Sasuke where he demonstrated great finesse in executing Sasuke’s strategy.


Unlike his father, Boruto was already really strong as a genin without relying on his karma. Now, after three years of training under the best master anyone could ask for, Boruto would surely be one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

However, the level of control he has over his divine abilities is yet to be seen. As someone who embodies the divine powers of the Otsutsuki and the prodigious skill of Sasuke Uchiha, Boruto’s talents must’ve evolved enough to go toe to toe with Godly opponents, putting him above most basic shinobi.



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