How strong is Igris compared to Sung Jin-Woo in Solo Leveling?

Sung Jin woo and Igris from Solo Leveling Manhwa

Solo Leveling Manhwa is finally gaining the popularity it deserves since the anime adaptation. As Solo Leveling Episode 11 is approaching, we as the audience can only wonder how strong will Sung Jin Woo get, or even more, how strong is Igris, who he will be fighting against. Igris, the imposing knight clad in red armor, is undeniably powerful opponent Sung Jin Woo faced.

But how exactly does Igris’ power stack up against the protagonist?  This article dives into the Solo Leveling to explore the dynamic between these two tough guys.

The Blood-Red Commander Igris

The Blood-Red Commander Igris Solo Leveling episode 11
The Blood-Red Commander Igris from Solo Leveling episode 11 (Image via A-1 Pictures)

Blood-Red Commander Igris was first encountered by Sung Jin-Woo as a daunting knight guarding a hidden dungeon. Before being defeated and resurrected as Sung Jin-Woo’s first shadow soldier, Igris initially held the rank of Knight – which is a moderate level tier in the shadow soldier hierarchy.

Though considering that Sung Jin Woo was only a B-rank, Igris was too powerful for him to fight. This easily puts him above B-rank, somewhere close to High A-rank to low S-Rank. This is also affirmed later in the story when Jin Woo compares his shadow soldiers with the current Hunters of the world, remarking that Igris could handle a S-rank Hunter with no difficulty.

Igris vs. Sung Jin Woo: Stats Comparison

Physical prowess

Igris as a shadow soldier to Sung-Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Igris as a shadow soldier to Sung-Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via D&C Media)

Igris is Known for his incredible strength and speed. He can effortlessly cleave through hordes of enemies with his signature lightning sword. With the heavy red armor, Igris is basically Thor on steroids and wielding a powerful blade that generates devastating energy blasts. 

As the Shadow Monarch, Sung Jin-Woo possesses superhuman strength, speed, and durability. He can overpower high-ranking magical beasts and S-rank hunters with ease. Despite being at just B-rank, Sung Jin Woo can be considered at par with a combination of Saitama and Thor.

Considering their first meet only, Igris powercreeps Jin Woo by a large degree. This power difference even motivates our protagonist to consider Igris as a reference of strength moving on, till the point he surpassed the Knight.

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Igris and Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa
Igris and Sung Jin Woo in Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via D&C Media)

Igris Inherits Sung Jin-Woo’s “Ruler’s hands” ability which grants him a degree of telekinesis for manipulating objects. He can also unleash powerful energy attacks from his sword. 

Similarly Sung Jin-Woo also possesses a vast array of abilities, including the power to manipulate shadows, create powerful soldiers, extract shadows from enemies, and even rule over the very concept of death. He’s like a god-like figure wielding the power of shadows.

Intelligence and strategy

Iron, Sung Jin Woo, and Igris from Solo Leveling Manhwa
Iron, Sung Jin Woo, and Igris from Solo Leveling Manhwa (Image via D&C Media)

While hostile and ruthless, Igris primarily relies on his strength and swordsmanship. He doesn’t display extensive strategic prowess. On the other hand, Sung Jin Woo is an intelligent and cunning fighter. He can adapt to situations, formulate strategies, and exploit weaknesses. Think of a brilliant general leading an army of powerful shadows, that’s exactly who Jin Woo is.

Shift in the power dynamics

The Blood-Red Commander Igris in Solo Leveling Episode 11
The Blood-Red Commander Igris from Solo Leveling episode 11 (Image via A-1 Pictures)
  • Early on: During their initial encounter, Igris thoroughly outclasses Jin-Woo. The sheer difference in power is undeniable.
  • The turning point: Jin-Woo’s strategic use of items and his awakening powers during their battle allowed him to exploit a weakness in Igris’s armor and secure victory. This win marks a turning point.
  • Mutual growth: As Jin-Woo progresses, his power steadily surpasses Igris’s base level. However, Igris’s own growth through shadow soldier evolution helps him maintain a level of competitiveness.
  • Emergence of Monarchs: The arrival of the Monarchs, beings far exceeding S-Rank, throws the power dynamic into flux. Both Jin-Woo and Igris struggle against these immensely powerful entities. However, Jin-Woo’s strategic mind and rapid growth potential allow him to eventually surpass even the Monarchs.

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So, Who’s Stronger?

The question of who’s stronger in Solo Leveling Igris or Sung Jin-Woo, becomes irrelevant as the story progresses. Upon Igris becoming Sung Jin Woo’s one of most loyal shadow soldiers, he becomes a loyal member of his team. Besides, they complement each other perfectly. Sung Jin-Woo provides the leadership and strategic vision, while Igris offers staunch loyalty and combat prowess.

However, from a pure speculation point of view, it is quite clear who was stronger in their first meet. Yet, as the story moves ahead, Igris continues to retain a high level of power-relationship with his master, to the point that saying that Igris is a quarter as strong as his master is the most logical answer to this question.

Nevertheless, what kind of master-soldier relationship can we expect in Solo Leveling Episode 11 is yet to come, so till then, Adios.

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