You can read One Piece’s first 12 volumes for free: here’s how

Luffy and One Piece manga panels. Where to read One Piece manga for free?

Shonen Jump caused a sensation online on August 31st by revealing that the initial 12 volumes of the One Piece manga series would be accessible to all readers for free on the internet. Here is where to read One Piece manga, or at least the first 12 volumes for free!

Eiichiro Oda’s masterwork, One Piece, has been generating significant buzz recently. The introduction of JoyBoy in the anime, profound revelations within the One Piece manga, and the impressive Netflix One Piece Live Action adaptation have firmly established it as one of the most renowned franchises. Since July 1997, the One Piece manga has been serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump, the Shounen manga magazine published by Shueisha.

Why has Shounen Jump decided to release the first 12 chapters of the One Piece Manga for free?

In response to the tremendous success of the Netflix One Piece Live Action adaptation, Shounen Jump made a significant announcement on August 31st. They revealed their decision to offer the initial 12 chapters of the One Piece manga to the public for free! Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered where to read One Piece manga, Shounen Jump has just provided the solution.

  • This strategic move by Shounen Jump shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that both the first 12 chapters and the anime adaptation have been available for years. It serves as an outstanding marketing campaign.
  • Furthermore, for readers interested in delving into the One Piece manga but hesitant to commit to a Shounen Jump+ subscription, this offers them the opportunity to sample the initial chapters before deciding whether to continue with the anime.

It’s worth noting that while the One Piece Live Action does an excellent job at bringing the story to life, it may not adhere 100% to the manga’s accuracy. As a result, viewers seeking the authentic One Piece narrative can explore these 12 chapters free of charge!

Where to read One Piece Manga for free? A detailed guide for all available chapters!

You can read the first 12 volumes of the One Piece Manga series for free by visiting It is a site launched by One Piece to commemorate the massive success of Netflix’s One Piece Live Action adaptation.

You can also always read the three most recent chapters of One Piece on the Shounen Jump platform. However, any other volumes require a Shounen Jump+ subscription.

We recommend you to read the first 12 chapters of the anime, and then decide if you’d like to get a Shounen Jump+ subscription. It should be noted that a subscription to that platform comes with a lot more additional mangas like One Punch Man, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia and more!

Which parts of the story are covered in the first 12 chapters of the One Piece Manga?

Buggy damages Luffy's Straw Hat. Where to read One Piece manga for free?
Buggy damages Luffy’s prized Straw Hat | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

The initial 12 chapters of One Piece encompass a significant portion of the Romance Dawn saga. Within these chapters, we delve into Luffy’s backstory, learning about the circumstances leading to his scar and Shanks’s selfless act of sacrificing his arm and bequeathing the iconic straw hat to Luffy. Following this, we witness Luffy’s daring rescue of Coby from Alvida’s ship, leading them to set sail for Shells Town.

It is in Shells Town that Luffy secures his first crewmate, Zoro, and after overcoming the formidable Axe-Hand Morgan, they embark on another thrilling adventure. As their journey unfolds, they find themselves in Orange Town, engaging in a fierce confrontation with the enigmatic pirate, Buggy.

We hope that you now know where to read One Piece manga, or at least get started with it. It is definitely one of the greatest stories to have been ever created, so we do recommend you give it a try.

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