How to Titan Shift in Attack on Titan Revolution

How to Titan Shift in Attack on Titan Revolution

If you’ve ever wondered what life feels like in the Survey Corps after watching Attack on Titan, with all the ups and downs on your way, then Attack on Titan Revolution might be the perfect Roblox experience for you. And if you want to know how to titan shift in Attack on Titan Revolution, then bear with us till the end as the answer is not that clear yet. 

AOT: Revolution is an immersive Roblox RPG that puts you in the boots of a Survey Corps member on a critical mission to defend humanity from colossal threats. In order to become a strong warrior, you must enhance your stats, acquire powerful weapons, and unlock a range of new skills. Won’t you like to take a peek at what lies behind the walls and uncover all the secrets of the world?

How to Titan Shift in Attack on Titan Revolution? Is it even possible?

In a nutshell, yes, you can titan shift in the game, although it’s not currently accessible at the moment. Active players have started observing that certain families in the game do possess unique Titan perks, suggesting that Titan Shifting is indeed part of the game. However, the feature is not yet available. 

AOT:R is currently in it’s so-to-say demo stage, and the Titan Shifting options will only be available after the game’s full release. This was confirmed in an official message on the game’s Discord server, stating:

“Titan Shifting will be available for the Attack Titan soon, and we will be bringing more in the upcoming release.”

You can check out the above tweet or this video, made by one of the officials, showcasing what Titan Shifting will actually look like. And it’s amazing.

When will the game have it’s full release? 

Attack on Titan Revolution Roblox game
Image Courtesy of Roblox’s Official Page

While the exact release date for the full version of the game is still unknown, the popularity of the demo suggests it might not be too far off. The demo offers plenty of features to explore, but some elements, including this much-anticipated Titan Shifting, are still absent. 

But what is not really absent at the moment, is our every-Monday Anime Newsletter that will provide you with some of the most thought–provoking anime theories and maybe even game tutorials in the future!

Characters with possible shifting powers 

  • If you don’t know what titan shifting is, it’s basically the process where a human transforms into a powerful Titan. In AOT:R, this ability could be more essential for taking down massive threats and gaining an upper hand in battles. 
  • However, not every character can Titan Shift. Only those with specific Titan powers, like Eren Yeager or Annie Leonhart, can harness this ability. If we get the power in our hands, or let’s say, get the ability to titan shift, Spiel Anime will update you right away! 
Gameplay of Attack on Titan Revoluton
Image Courtesy of @sudaisflash on Twitter

One standout point of AOT:R is that the abundance of quests available for you to enjoy, offering ample opportunities to earn Gems and EXP are countless. Beyond the main storyline, you can test your skills with a variety of daily, weekly, and side quests. If you need a break from slaying Titans, consider joining the official Discord server to participate in giveaways and engage with the community.

For more information about the game, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page.

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