Exploring Human Experimentation in Heavenly Delusion as a theme

Exploring Human Experimentation in Heavenly Delusion as a theme

Heavenly Delusion is a story about two different worlds with two different sets of children. The real world is in an apocalyptic setup, while the other is inside a facility. It is in this facility that human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion takes place.

In this article, we will focus on the aspect of human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion and how this trope revolves around the entire narrative of the story.

Heavenly Delusion: The facility with children and the world outside

The facility in Heavenly Delusion is a very well-constructed metaphor of modern times. This is a world that has been devastated by an apocalypse and this so-called facility has children who are being fostered and are kept away from these dangers outside. However, the kids are eager to know about the world, which is described to them as ‘hell’.

Exploring Human Experimentation in Heavenly Delusion as a theme.
The secret facility and the idea of heaven. (Image Courtesy of Production I.G)

On the other hand, outside the facility are Maru and Kiruko, for whom there exists heaven. Now, the idea of heaven is rather conflicting and constricted as their imagination of heaven is both an escape from their reality and also a quest for this facility. Maru and Kiruko, therefore, become the guardian angels as part of the imagination of these kids in the facility.

Heavenly Delusion: What are its Restrictions?

Exploring Human Experimentation in Heavenly Delusion as a theme
The classroom in the secret facility. (Image Courtesy of Production I.G)
  • Human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion starts from the facility. Here, robots teach human kids and participate in their upbringing.
  • They are taught all kinds of stuff but they are kept away from the reality of their lives. Moreover, the kids are made to act as rats for various experimental purposes.

The restrictions of the facility also act as pacifiers for human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion. Most of the time, these children in the facility are kept away from acquiring any knowledge about the outside world. They are made to believe that the reality is a hellish one, and that survival is only possible within those walls.

This conditioning of the human mind at such a tender age is how their thoughts are shaped and therefore makes human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion a reality.

Human Experimentation in Heavenly Delusion: How does it function in both worlds

  • The facility facilitates human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion by trying to keep the children under authority.
  • This authority dictates their daily actions and routine, thereby keeping them under a strict set of restrictions.
  • Apart from that, Heavenly Delusion also manages to question the idea of imperial rule in modern times through this trope.
Exploring Human Experimentation in Heavenly Delusion as a theme
The kids in the secret facility. (Image courtesy Production I.G)

In the world outside, however, Maru and Kiruko undergo different experiences. The human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion in this regard is that of their test of survival, wherein they constantly engage with life-threatening forces. This is an element of human experimentation as these two kids are made to face uncommon odds and their quest for survival is constantly being tested.


Heavenly Delusion engages in an interrogation of the idea of heaven in a post-apocalyptic world. Human experimentation in Heavenly Delusion, therefore, becomes a major theme, as the kids in the facility primarily face the horrors of this activity. 

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