ID Invaded: Why did Akihito manipulate the prisoners?

Cool Sakaido in ID Invaded

ID: Invaded is an original anime series about a detective that can traverse into the unconscious mind of serial killers to find and arrest them. Akihito Narihisago, also known as Sakaido, is the best in this line of work. However, this former homicide detective hides a very dark truth within him. Unveiling this allows us to answer two mysteries:

  • Why does he manipulate the prisoners?
  • What motivated him to such actions?

Akihito in ID Invaded

Akihito Narihisago is the main protagonist in ID: Invaded. He was a former homicide detective and the ex-colleague of Kokuryu Matsuoka and Funetaro Momoki. He was selected as the first pilot for the Mizuhanome System to dive into the unconscious mind of serial killers through the killing intent left behind at the crime scene.

Sakaido's Information dispersing
Sakaido in ID Well | Courtesy of NAZ

He takes up the alias of the ‘Great Detective Sakaido’ when he dives into the id well. This protects his identity within the unconscious mind while liberating him to act as he wants. This persona of his does not remember any of his previous memories. Nonetheless, his skills do not diminish, as he can complete the operation without faltering in his demeanor.

Akihito’s Psychological State

The requisite to become a pilot for the Mizuhanome system is to have killed someone before. As the system’s first pilot, it means Akihito had killed someone before. Why did he kill someone and what did it make of his psychological state?

Before the Murder

Narihisago was a former detective in the 1st Investigative Division. He was happily married to a woman named Ayako and had a child named Muku. Despite his dedication to work not allowing him to spend time with his family, whatever time he could spend with his family was a happy time for him. He loved his family tremendously and would rush to them whenever he could.

Akihito with Ayako and Muku
Akihito’s Family | Courtesy of NAZ

However, on the 26th of October 2016, his daughter was brutally assaulted and murdered by the serial killer ‘The Challenger”. This pushed his wife to severe depression, and albeit his best efforts, he could not stop his wife from killing herself. This broke everything he had in him, making him spiral into complete disgust for himself and toward serial killers.

At some point after this event, he met John Walker, who exploited his psychological weakness to exacerbate his tendencies to leave him with an intense urge to kill. Soon after, the identity of ‘The Challenger’ was revealed to be Denshin Katsuyama. Upon receiving this information, Akihito stormed into his mansion and shot him dead.

After the Murder

The murder saved another girl that was locked in Denshin’s underground arena. However, a murder had been committed. He was arrested and put behind bars. Two years later, after the invention of the Mizuhanome System, he was recruited to pilot and find serial killers. He helped catch four serial killers in a year. His time in jail did not help quell his hatred and bloodlust toward serial killers, probing him to put more time in the system to catch them. His sense of justice was the only measure that stopped him from killing someone again.

Why did he manipulate the prisoners?

Akihito talking to a Prisoner
Akihito using Psychological Warfare | Courtesy of NAZ

With John Walker exaggerating his hatred and tendencies toward murder, Akihito used everything to deliver justice to the serial killers. It did not stop at catching them. Due to the nature of his crime, Akihito could share cells with the killers. Having been inside their unconscious mind, he knew them better than they knew themselves. In addition to this, his expert detective skills and analysis allowed him to exploit their psyches, self-perception, and philosophies. This compelled the serial killers to commit suicide, unable to live by the image that had resurfaced after he shattered their views about their selves.

This created immense pleasure in himself. Yet this could not clear his depraved cravings to kill. He could not move forward with his life and instead got more into catching these killers and sentencing them to his sense of justice. John Walker pushed him to this edge and kept making more serial killers for Akihito to catch and punish.

Akihito Narihisago’s story acts as a precedent for everyone who witnesses it. Without a proper closure, a man could be driven to such depths of insanity that his morals become clouded in his action. A former detective, determined to catch criminals, was pushed to such an extent that he became the criminal he used to catch.

Akihito is another element that portrays John Walker’s absolute beast of strategic prowess, being able to manipulate countless people to do his bidding. From creation to that element’s demise, John Walker was the god of this story, and Akihito another chess piece that moved to its King’s whims.


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