What is an ideal alternate ending for Attack on Titan Final Season?

What is an ideal alternate ending for Attack on Titan Final Season?

Attack on Titan Final season Part 4 is approaching soon and we can’t help but expect a happy ending. Though many rumors went around the initial release of the fourth season, claiming that the anime may give a different ending which gave us a rise of hope.

To serve as a disappointment for this hope, the trailer for it was released yesterday, and it was not at all satisfying for those expecting an alternate ending for the AoT final season. So the question arises, what should be the ideal ending for AoT? In this article we will try to find out the “Ideal” answer for this question. 

What’s wrong with the ending of Attack on Titan manga?

Eren Yeager in pure titan form in Attack on Titan
Eren Yeager in pure titan form in Attack on Titan (Image via MAPPA Studio)

While AoT manga was what Isayama wanted it to be, Eren going Berserk on a supremacist country in his gigantic skeletal titan form (Pure titan form) which leads to his death by his very own friends, is not what we wanted. There is no doubt that AoT is a well drawn manga, with meticulous details and of course, Isayama’s artistic mastery. However, artwork is not the only thing that matters to make a flawless story. 

Attack on Titan is known for its suspense filled plot and mind bending twists. Through the philosophical undertones in its plot, it has been entertaining audiences of all ages, despite being a shonen anime.

Eren whining in front of Armin
Eren whining in front of Armin (Image via Isayama Hajijme)
  • Such a supposed masterpiece having an average ending with the protagonist who initially sworn the words like revenge, justice and freedom, now acting like an emo boy because he could not confess his love to his crush, is a huge disappointment.
  • Eren literally committed genocide and destroyed the 80% of the world population, while all he could worry about is Mikasa being with another man after his death (A character depreciation if you ask me).


From Erwin’s motivational speech that made hundreds of scouts sacrifice their lives against the beast titan, to Eren’s unnecessary whining in front of Armin makes us think what made the dialogue writing degrade so bad while reading the final chapter of the manga.

What is an ideal ending for AoT final season

Eren at the sea with his friends in Attack on Titan
Eren at the sea with his friends in Attack on Titan (Image via MAPPA Studio)

Although the ideal ending of Attack on Titan would not involve season 4 at all, it would have ended the moment Eren and his friends reach the sea. However, if we are talking about an alternate ending, a hypothetical scenario with a better conclusion than manga can be assumed. In this alternative scenario, suddenly Historia, the Royal blood arrives at the rumbling and tries to talk Eren out of it.

The paths in Attack on Titan final season
The paths in Attack on Titan final season (Image via MAPPA Studio)
  • Since Eren is lost in the paths, she takes the help of Zeke to enter the paths. Here they both find Eren lost in his thoughts, contemplating everything he has committed, partially regretting the death of innocent poor children.
  • When Historia and Zeke touch him, it unlocks the past memories of the founding titan. Eren confesses that it was actually Ymir, who has been manipulating the world’s history and using the kings’ thirst for power to wage wars.
  • It becomes clear that Eren is but a pawn in Ymir’s grand scheme.
Eren and Zeke in Attack on Titan final season
Eren and Zeke in Attack on Titan final season (Image via MAPPA Studio)

Eren, Historia, and Zeke collaborate to reshape the world’s memory, ensuring that conflicts, hatred, and misunderstandings never arise, allowing for a peaceful coexistence of Eldians and the rest of the world. They realize the full-potential of the Founding Titan’s power, which is now being used to rewrite history.

In this new reality, Eldians are no longer viewed as a threat, and the world welcomes them with open arms. The walls that once separated Eldians from the rest of humanity crumble, both physically and metaphorically. 


Though we are not a professional fiction writer but as a manga reader it is very sad to see the potential of the founding titan in the Attack on Titan go waste. There are many abilities which could have been explored through its power. Eren having the ability to manipulate the titans could have done much more with it, the ending seemed too rushed when it comes to story but at the same time too slow in action. Despite the ending, let’s not forget the masterpiece Attack on Titan has been till now. 

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