Why Igris’s Solo Leveling Anime debut will Be Unforgettable

Igris's appearance in Solo Leveling Opening Song

Solo Leveling has electrified the anime scene with its thrilling mix of fantasy, action, and philosophical undertones. While the manhwa was one of the best since the beginning, in only 3 episodes, Studio A-1 Pictures has taken the series to the next level with their brilliant execution.

But there’s still so much awesomeness to come this season, and Igris absolutely belongs at the top of that hype list! With a badass design straight out of a heavy metal album cover and devastating abilities like telekinesis and wolf-like regeneration, Igris has an intriguing backstory as a powerful dungeon boss before joining Jinwoo’s crew.

Here’s why newcomers should get excited about Igris’ debut in the Solo Leveling anime!

For those just diving into the world of Solo Leveling, Igris may seem like another monster of the week at first glance. But he is so much more than that – Igris is a fan-favorite character who represents a major evolution in Sung Jinwoo’s journey.

  • Igris used to work for the previous Shadow Monarch Ashborn, who tasked him with testing his successor in battle one day. And that fateful brawl goes down when Jinwoo gets the super cool ability to turn defeated enemies into his own personal soldiers, with Igris being the first recruit.
  • Now, Igris starts off as a background character. But his induction into Jinwoo’s personal army marks a pivotal shift, where we see Jinwoo shift from lone fighter to leader of an elite supernatural squad. Igris also poses thought-provoking questions about the morality of subjugation versus protecting humanity, which adds to Solo Leveling’s philosophical depth.

Oh, and did we mention just how badass Igris looks? We’re talking metal album cover-worthy, with edgy dark knight armor and claws straight out of a nightmare. Plus, insane powers like regeneration and telekinesis are sure to make for some killer fight scenes!

Will Igris make his debut in Solo Leveling Episode 4?

Solo Leveling episode 4 release
Solo Leveling | Image via TMDB
  • Igris will not be appearing in Solo Leveling episode 4, despite the hype surrounding this fan-favorite shadow soldier. Based on the pacing of the anime so far and where Igris is introduced in the manhwa, it seems his debut fight with Jinwoo will likely happen closer to the end of season 1.
  • The only indication of Igris in the anime for now is a brief shot of him in the opening theme song animation. This is understandably fueling anticipation, but manga readers will know there’s still a fair bit of story to cover before Jinwoo and Igris face off.

For reference, their fated duel takes place around chapter 48 of the manhwa. At the brisk pace of the anime adaptation, this climactic showdown between Jinwoo and his first recruited shadow soldier will probably fall during the latter half of season 1.

While Igris won’t be in episode 4 airing on January 27th, fans worldwide can still catch new Solo Leveling every Saturday, on streaming service Crunchyroll!

  • 9:30 AM Pacific Time
  • 11:30 AM Central Time
  • 12:30 PM Eastern Time


Though the wait continues for Igris’ grand debut, each new episode of Solo Leveling brings intriguing new developments and long-awaited manhwa moments to life. As the show barrels towards the climax of season 1, Igris’ arrival edges closer. When Jinwoo’s first subordinate finally steps out of the shadows, it will undoubtedly be an iconic moment for fans.

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