In light of a One Piece remake, here are the top 5 anime that need a remake

In light of a One Piece remake, here are the top 5 anime that need a remake

One Piece Remake is the best pre-Christmas announcement that the community could receive. With Wit Studios remaking the Romance Dawn arc of the story, many have wondered what other anime should receive the same treatment. In this article, I will list down the top 5 anime that need a remake. The remake of One Piece received a green light due to its huge success in all sectors, so for the following series to receive an adaptation is a miracle with very little chance of happening.

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Top 5 Anime that Need a Remake

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho | Courtesy of Pierrot
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Episodes: 112
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy

When a delinquent with no hopes for the future dies, he receives a miraculous offer in the Spirit Realm, an opportunity to become a Spirit Hunter in turn for being alive. He would have to hunt down Evil Spirits whose only intention is to be a menace to humanity. Teamed up with 3 more eccentric yet good guys, Yuusuke gears up for a life of action.

Yu Yu Hakusho recently received a live-action adaptation, and although there were certain parts that could have been better, it was considerably a successful adaptation. This makes it likely that it could and should receive a remake for the franchise to receive a brand new audience. A whole new animation with some slight revamps in the story would definitely bring the new members of the anime community to one of the best Shonen in the industry.

Pandora Hearts

  • Studio: Xebec
  • Episodes: 25
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery

Oz Versailles was always warned about the Abyss, however, thinking it to be a folktale used to scare young children, he never truly paid attention. However, when the Baskerville clan interrupts his coming-of-age ceremony, executing their plan to banish him to the Abyss, he realizes that his once childhood warning is a real world of utter dread and horror. As Oz finds his way out of the Abyss, he unfolds his true meaning in this world of chaos.

Pandora Hearts is one of the best-written stories and despite its popularity and hype, the animation studio fumbled the opportunity to bring it to life. It had a weird pacing and missed a lot of key details at the beginning of the story. The biggest disappointment was the anime’s original ending which was not what fans needed. It deserves a faithful remake with an animation studio which would do its story justice.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater
Soul Eater | Courtesy of Bones
  • Studio: Bones
  • Episodes: 51
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

In the world of Shinigami, receiving a Death Scythe is the highest honor one could achieve. Similarly, becoming a Death Scythe is an honor that led to the establishment of Death Weapon Meister School, which cultivates these weapons out of human hybrids. Maka Albarn, a meister, and Evans, a demon scythe wish to receive the highest of honor and thus set on a journey to cultivate a Death Scythe.

Soul Eater received a similar issue to Pandora Hearts. An amazing series ruined by an anime-original ending which completely ruined the progression that built up the story and disappointed a huge number of fans of the series. This is another one of those Shonen that would be an amazing hit in the current community and as such highly deserves a remake.

Sword Art Online Alicization

Sword Art Online Alicization
Sword Art Online Alicization | Courtesy of A-1 Pictures
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Episodes: 47
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Kazuto Kirigaya, a Sword Art Online survivor, is approached to test the state-of-the-art technology that will considerably boost the Virtual Reality experience. Testing Underworld, he signs a confidentiality agreement that erases all the memories of the tests once he returns to reality. This has a lasting impression on his memory, as remembering the name Alice has greatly troubled his conscience. While escorting his girlfriend back home, he is wounded and upon recovering finds himself back in the Underworld. With no visible way to return back to return, he embarks on a journey to find his own way out.

Sword Art Online is a popular franchise that has raised a hefty community around it. While it is an absolutely brilliant adaptation, it still leaves off key details about the story that make it feel rushed and empty at times. There’s a lot more of Alicization in the Light Novel than what was covered in the adaptation, which goes in-depth about the other characters and their interactions. This makes it a very viable show to be remade.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul | Courtesy of Pierrot
  • Studio: Pierrot
  • Episodes: 48
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror

When the city finds itself in the dread of the existence of flesh-eating ghouls, Kaneki finds himself busily carried away in the world of books. However, when the new-in-town beauty Rize asks him out, he finds himself out of those books and on cloud 9. Things don’t work out how he thinks and he finds himself ghoul-ified from her assault. Thus begins his saga of finding and accepting who he really is.

I don’t think I need to explain why Tokyo Ghoul needs a remake. It has snowballed through quality ever since Season 2, with changed character arcs and story arcs, followed by leaving out integral details about characters. The sequels were rushed to make a profit, which ended in being a bigger failure than the success it had generated with season 1.


All the shows on the list are amazing stories that would shine through the community if they receive an anime remake, similar to One Piece. Each has the potential to carry a season single-handedly like how Frieren Beyond Journey’s End demonstrated this Fall 2023. What other shows do you think should receive a remake? Comment down below!!

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