Is a Metamorphosis anime possible?

Is Metamorphosis anime possible?

If there is anything that reaches the influence of One Piece in the anime community, it is surely to be Metamorphosis. It is an 18+ manga that has made its reader’s hearts beat with “happiness” and, surprisingly, sadness as well. Such a delicate reading, can we expect a Metamorphosis anime in the future?

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Metamorphosis – What is it be about?

Metamorphosis, popularly known as 177013, is an adult manga (doujin). Its plot has been sensual and very explicit to the bone. It tells the story of Yoshida Saki who, due to her fear of being ostracized for her personality, stayed out of social interactions.

Saki | Courtesy of Shindo-L

Growing up without any peers of her age, she decided to change in her high school debut. Instantly gaining new friends, her decision paid off. However, with new changes in her life, she has also brought in new obstacles to tackle. On a chance encounter with a young man called Hayato, what will her metamorphosis entail?

The manga has many explicit themes, and readers are warned before they move further in this article. 

Can there be a Metamorphosis anime?

It has one of the most engaging stories in the industry, surpassing even some seinen and josei at what they do. Yet, there cannot be an anime adaptation of this work. This is mainly because:

  • It has a constant depiction of “adult activities” that are not suitable for the audience that indulges in anime.
  • It has a constant depiction of mature themes such as coerced participation and drug abuse.
  • It has depictions of familial betrayal and the dark side of certain families.
Changed Saki
Saki with her transformation | Courtesy of Shindo L

This is the short answer. One could go on and on about why it is impossible to have the manga adapted into an anime. It is highly possible to adapt it into a hentai. There are examples of shows that would align with what this manga has. Shows like Redo of the Healer and the upcoming Kingdoms of Ruin have an explicit portrayal of rape, yet it fails in comparison when it comes to Metamorphosis.

  • With 225 pages of pure agony for its readers, the manga has become more than what it has meant, a secret pass-time.
  • It has become a story that mirrors the despicable and ill fate young girls have to go through. A world that is kept hidden from our eyes.
  • What we usually assume of these girls, is that they chose this of their own accord, the manga tells us that that isn’t how it usually is.
Saki meeting Hayato
Saki meeting Hayato | Courtesy of Shindo-L
  • They do not have a choice in this matter. Forced into this field, addicted to its means, these girls lost their ability to choose the moment they thought, “It wouldn’t hurt to try once”.
  • These girls are not to be blamed, our society failed to educate us on the dangers of such a world.
  • Restricting something only makes people do it more, however, telling them why they should not do it will go further than the former try.

The show is a constant reminder of what we need to look out for. We need to be kind to others and make sure that we help those who need it. The last few pages have probably made its readers cry more than any other anime episode. A brutal truth of our society, where teenagers will torture someone else just for the fun of it, and people will ignore a suffering individual just because it is a lot to handle.


The final page signifying the death of Saki
The final page | Courtesy of Shindo L

Metamorphosis is a brilliant read for those who wish to delve into their private time. But they won’t come out with satisfaction, it will be sadness instead. The manga has come a long way, marking its place in the hall of fame of the community. It would indeed be a delight to receive an anime adaptation, yet some dreams are better left unfulfilled.

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