Is Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen a BL?

Is Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen a BL?

BL, or Boys’ Love, is a genre of fiction that focuses on romantic relationships between male characters. It can include a wide range of subgenres, such as slice-of-life, comedy, drama, and even action. Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen (My New Boss Is Goofy) is one such example, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Dan Ichikawa.

It has been serialized on Akita Shoten’s online manga platform Manga Cross since February 2019. An anime television series adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures premiered in October 2023.

About Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen

Is Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen a BL?
Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen | Image via TMDB

The workplace comedy’s story follows a 26-year-old office worker named Momose. He recently changed jobs after his previous boss harassed him. He’s worried his new boss will also use power harassment to make his life miserable.

Momose is trying to hide his anxious stomach when he first meets his new boss Shirasaki, however, he’s surprised to find his new boss is such a natural airhead that he eliminates all of Momose’s anxiety.

Is Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen a BL anime?

Is Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen a BL?
Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen | Image via TMDB

Yuusei Shirosaki is the main character in Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen. He is the chief of the Planning and Sales department at Minette whose concentration at work is high and his performance is good. He is a bit of an airhead most of the time, a quality that does not get noticed by Kentarou Momose, an employee working at Minette in the Planning and Sales department where he reports directly to Shirosaki.

When Momose is doubled over in pain from anxiety, thinking he is in trouble, Shirosaki buys him PMS medication. He wonders how old his former classmates are. He mistakes “fertilized eggs” for cable, and when Aoyama once messaged him that he was worried about him floundering on a project, he sent him a photo of a flounder. All in all, the scenes are pretty wholesome to watch and  Shirosaki turns out to be a sweetheart, whose fumblings Momose finds irresistible.

The anime does not explicitly identify as BL, but some elements could be interpreted as such.

  • For example, Momose and Shirosaki have a close and affectionate relationship, and they often share physical contact.
  • Additionally, some scenes suggest that Momose may be developing romantic feelings for Shirosaki.

It’s not 100% a BL, but it gives you the impression that it might as well be. The story has a strong BL vibe- the way the characters interact with each other usually only happens in BL mangas.

  • Because is ongoing, it might turn out to take a BL turn later.
  • However, it is important to note that the anime also includes some elements common in other genres, such as slice-of-life and comedy.

The relationship between Momose and Shirosaki may be meant to be a close friendship or even a platonic love story.


Is Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen a BL?
Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen | Image via TMDB

Whether or not you are a fan of BL, the Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen is worth checking out. To delve deeper into the world of BL anime and explore other heartwarming and humorous series like Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and recommendations.

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