Is Bartender Glass of God related to Death Parade?

Bartender Glass of God and Death Parade

More than a decade later, Ryu Sasakura is returning with the best bartending services in Bartender Glass of God. It is a new anime project based on the manga “Bartender” by Araki Joh and Kenji Nagamoto. The anime is scheduled for an April 2024 release. As the key visuals and promotional video of Bartender anime make their way to fans, the bar setting of the anime reminds people of Death Parade.  

The Death Parade anime came out in 2015 and continues to remain special for many fans. So a new anime with a similar plot rouses curiosity, which is also the reason why we should look into any potential connections between the two anime. This article explores the similarities and differences between Bartender Glass of God and Death Parade anime.

Is Bartender Glass of God related to Death Parade?

Bartender anime
A still from the Bartender Glass of God promotional video | Image Courtesy of TOHO Animation

Bartender Glass of God isn’t directly related to Death Parade in terms of story or characters. The question of any correlation between the two anime arises from their identical plot and settings. Both the anime are set in a bar, where a bartender tends to interact with the customers. Bartender Glass of God is a slice of life with a human Bartender, Ryu Sasakura. Ryu interacts with his customers and serves them the best cocktails.

On the other hand, Death Parade fares with the afterlife. Before the deceased end up in heaven or hell, they visit the bar Quincedim. At Quincedim, Decim passes his judgment on the deceased souls after they participate in his life-threatening games.

Death Parade anime
A still from Death Parade anime, 2015 | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • There are interactions taking place between the bartender and his customers at bars in both anime. Although the nature of these interactions is vastly different. Bartender anime is more grounded whereas Death Parade is a supernatural anime.
  • This is the extent of the relation between the two anime. Now that we know the two anime aren’t related, let’s explore what Bartender anime is all about and if it has anything in it for the fans of Death Parade. 

Does Bartender Glass of God have any similarities with Death Parade?

Taking a look at the trailers of the anime will give you a fair idea of how far apart they are. With calming music in the background, Ryu makes cocktails for his customers. He is well-versed with his customers and their preferences without any prior experience with them necessarily. On the other hand, Death Parade has a lot of action scenes and outreach the expectations one would generally have with a bartending anime (which it never claims to be). It is also heavy in terms of emotions and can nudge you to question the meaning of life. 

If the fans of Death Parade are looking for a Slice of Life anime to watch, Bartender Glass of God can turn out to be a good option. But if they’re looking for something similar to their favorite anime, then Bartender anime sadly doesn’t fit the theme. 


Bartender anime
A customer at Ryu Sasakura’s bar | Image Courtesy of TOHO Animation

As we know now that there are barely any connections between the two anime, let’s remove Death Parade from the equation. Bartender Glass of God is scheduled for a Spring 2024 release. It’s a remake adaptation. Depending on how good of an adaptation it turns out to be, the anime might end up becoming the slice-of-life addition to your watch list for Spring 2024. 

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