Is Beat and Motion the next Blue Period?

Is Beat and Motion the next Blue Period

Anime on art and aesthetics has always been a hard nut to crack, so much so, that there are very few shows that are able to portray the intricacies behind art and the passion of the artist. But no show has ever been able to surpass Blue Period in its exploration and portrayal of an artist’s passion and drive while making art. However, it seems that this might just change.

Beat and Motion is a manga about a young man following his passion for animation and finding the drive to pursue it through. This series has done an amicable job of understanding and explaining how it really is in the real world. In this article, I’ll compare and try to conclude if Beat and Motion could be the next Blue Period.

Blue Period

Blue Period Volume Cover 1
Blue Period Volume Cover 1 | Courtesy of Yamaguchi Tsubasa

Yaguchi Yatora is a second year high school student who is bored with his life and goofs around with his friends all day. But that’s just how he presents himself, deep inside he does not enjoy wasting time and actually wants something to be passionate about. Things change when he sees a painting made by the Art Club in his school. Dawning upon the ecstasy of drawing, he couldn’t contain himself when the sensation of expressing himself without words waved all over him.

It is then that he decides to pursue a career in art, despite the disapproval of his parents. However, only known to the euphoria a successful art results, he is yet unknown to the hardships an art aspirant has to suffer and overcome. Will he be able to do it?

There are countless things that Blue Period immaculately explored that many shows like Barakamon, Welcome to the Ballroom, and even Hibike Euphorium, all shows on the expression of art could not.

  • It portrayed the anxiety and depression that come with the pursuit of one’s passion, how it is not always sunshine and that storms do wreck your progress.
  • It focused entirely on the protagonist, and in doing so, greatly unraveled the passionate drive of someone who found their cause in life.
  • The interaction between characters was fluid, each with significant inputs in the story, maybe it is mockery or criticism.

The show was the first to truly delve into how one feels when one starts from scratch. Unlike most of the Shonen, where the protagonist has a basic gist of how the field he is in works, Yaguchi has zero clue of how things are and zero skills to make it work. His entire journey was about working hard till he made it, something that is synonymous with us in real life. One has to work hard to make it big.

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Beat and Motion

Yaguchi following Music
Yaguchi following Music | Courtesy of Fujita Naoki

Tatsuhiko Isekai [seriously isekai?] swore to never draw in front of others when he was made fun of in his childhood. Putting drawing aside, he picked up music to be his muse [see what I did there?], only to fail miserably. Disheartened at not being good at anything, he spills his negative attitude about life when he is out drinking with his friends, only to get reprimanded by a drunk girl beside him.

However, it hit him and made him want to give another try at life. So, we went to the store, bought notebooks, and started working on a storyboard for an animated video. He posted it online and it turned out a huge success. He was approached by a singer that he followed to make her an animated music video and he could not believe that his life was finally taking a turn for good.

I think I will stop here. But you get the gist, the story is about a young man who found his lost passion and gives it another shot. It is about his journey of overcoming his doubts and truly doing what he loves. But is this enough? Is this enough for the story to become the next Blue Period?

Will Beat and Motion become the next Blue Period?

Yaguchi meeting Niko, his favorite singer
Yaguchi meeting Niko, his favorite singer | Courtesy of Fujita Naoki

There are a lot of factors that support the statement that Beat and Motion will become the next Blue Period. This is mainly because of how closely both the stories resemble each other. But there are also a few things the former does a bit better than the latter.

  • Blue Period showed the depression and anxiety that comes with following one’s passion. So did Beat and Motion, however, it went one step further and portrayed how hollowing it is when you fail at something that you give your all to.
  • Beat and Motion also shows the reality of life that it is not always the case that trying hard will reap great yields. Certain fields do require talent to be successful.
  • The manga also has amazing art to reach success similar to Blue Period. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also has a fast pace that mirrors real life. Life won’t wait till you are sure about yourself, sometimes you will have to take the decision as it comes.

These reasons greatly push the argument that Beat and Motion can become the next big thing. It has an amazing main cast and has been a fun experience to follow through.


There are not many manga or anime that cover the artistic aspect of life. Quite a few, really. Even fewer are stories that delve deep into how it really feels to pursue such a grand thing. Beat and Motion and Blue Period have done a brilliant job at really taking the narrative to greater depths with the idea that passion can take you to greater heights but it also demands greater sacrifices.

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