Is Bryan Cranston into Anime?

Bryan Cranston as Isamu in Macross Plus

Bryan Cranston is a known actor, director, and producer; one thing he isn’t known for is his voice-acting career. Yes, Walter White from Breaking Brad used to dub anime characters. Many people are unaware of his roles in dubbed anime. He has also voiced Li Shan briefly in Kung Fu Panda.

The actor is known for playing every character phenomenally. His voice-acting days were no different. It seems like he puts just as much dedication into voice acting as he does with acting. This will make any fan wonder if Bryan Cranston is into anime. 

Some Bryan Cranston anime

Is Bryan Cranston into Anime
Bryan Cranston has played a minor role in Cowboy Bebop anime | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Most of the characters he has voiced date back to the 90s. He played major and minor roles in anime such as Macross Plus, Cowboy Bebop, Dr. Slump, Ramayana, and Street Fighter. They all sound different from each other and also different from the Bryan Cranston we know from Breaking Bad. 

  • One of his most well-known dubbing roles is in the Ramayana movie based on Indian mythology. Bryan Cranston has played the role of Rama in the official English dub. 
Ramayana anime
Bryan Cranston as Rama in Ramayana | Image Courtesy via IMDb
  • Bryan Cranston has also played the role of Isamu Alva Dyson in Macross Plus. Isamu is a pilot in the series. His risk-taking personality makes him the rival of Guld. 
  • Fei Long in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie is also played by Bryan Cranston. Fei Long is a serious character with calm air. He doesn’t let his doubts surface. 
  • He has given additional voices in Orguss 2 as a Launch Control Central Technician and Moldiver as an imperial officer. 
  • In Armitage III: Polymatrix, he also plays Eddie Barrows. Eddie is reliable but has loose lips. His behavior with his coworkers isn’t the most conventional but he’s good at heart and dedicated to his job. Additionally, he has played several roles in the Harmony Gold Dub of Dr. Slump.

Is Bryan Cranston into anime?

Walter White in Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad TV series | Image Courtesy via IMDb

Bryan Cranston has never publicly admitted or dismissed his love for anime. Although he has roasted a fan for watching anime and not watching Breaking Bad instead. That video looks purely fun and should not be taken in any other context.  Even his voice-acting career in anime is a secret to many.

  • He has done many performances besides anime, like Kung Fu Panda 3 and Chief in Isle of Dogs.
  • Chief is the most recent work he has done as a voice actor. 
Isle of Dogs
Bryan Cranston as Chief in Isle of Dogs | Image Courtesy via IMDb

If Bryan Cranston is into anime, it’s probably different from a fan’s perspective. He has played the characters that we love or hate. His affection for the characters or the shows stems from the creator’s point of view. He might perceive the characters from a different angle altogether; to be able to perform them so well. We’ll never know for sure unless the man himself confirms his take on anime. 


Kung Fu Panda
Bryan Cranston has played Li Shan in Kung Fu Panda | Image Courtesy via IMDb

For any Breaking Bad fan, Bryan Cranston playing anime characters would come off as a surprise. Given that the man is known for his skills as an actor, screenwriter, producer, and director. You won’t be able to recognize him in the roles from a single listen. He didn’t leave any room for complaints, even as a voice actor, by enthusiastically playing every character. 

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