Is Four Knights of the Apocalypse the sequel to Seven Deadly Sins? Explained

Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins: The Four Knights of the Apocalypse is the long-awaited anime adaptation to the sequel manga of Mangaka Nakaba’s cult classic “The Seven Deadly Sins”. It follows up 16 years after the events of the Holy War and gives us a new prophecy of the 4 knights of the apocalypse that sought to bring ruin to the kingdom of Camelot and the rule of a now antagonistic King Arthur.

Who is the Seven Deadly Sins Protagonist?

It might come to as a shock for many, but the beloved Seven Deadly Sins crew and Meliodas are no longer the primary protagonists of the story. In fact, we are introduced to a brand new protagonist who is also the Knight of Death “Percieval” atop God’s Finger Mountain, where he lives with his Grandpa who is also a retired Knight of Camelot.

Percival is one of 4 Knights of the Apocalypse, with a really caring personality and a cheerful attitude. But his solitary world soon comes to an end as “Ironside” a Knight of Camelot, infiltrates his home and kills his Grandfather. Percival in his state of grief and shock, also comes to learn from his Grandfather that Ironside is his father. So now nothing to keep him God’s finger, Percieval ventures out unto Brittania in search of Ironside in order to learn the truth.

Are there any returning Seven Deadly Sins?

Yes! Even though the Sins no longer take center stage in the story, they are still a very active part of the world and make triumphant cameos across the different arcs such as: –

Gowther returns
Image Courtesy: Shonen Magazine
  • Gowther – He plays a major part during the Demon Village arc, where he is acting as a Village Chief for the pacifist Demons who fled the holy war, in order to protect them from Knights of Camelot. Percival and his crew soon come across him in the village and both parties work together to solve a conspiracy being conducted by the Knights of Camelot.
  • Meliodas – Acting as a narrative mediator after his long-awaited return. Meliodas is now the King of Liones and also has a son named “Tristan” who also turns out to be one of the Knights of The Apocalypse. Meliodas also acts as one of the most powerful parties during the apparent invasion of Liones by King Arthur once all the Knights of The Apocalypse came together.
Meliodas and Percival meet
Image Courtesy: Shonen Magazine

Many more sins such as Ban, Escanor, and Merlin are given small references across the story, and will surely make cameos of their own along with King and Diane, as the plot proceeds forward.

Who are the other Knights of the Apocalypse?

The Four Knights of The Apocalypse is a prophecized group similar to the likes of the Seven Deadly Sins. But in clear Juxtaposition to the Sins’ prophecy to defeat the 10 commandments, the Four Knights are instead said to destroy the Kingdom of Camelot, which is currently a safe haven for the Humans that got displaced during the Holy War.

Currently, in the Manga, the Four Knights have become complete and all the members have been revealed, they are: –

  • Percival – As the Knight of Death, Percival wields the Hero’s Magic of Hope and acts as the support Knight of the Group with his ability to heal any sorts of injuries and diseases.
  • Tristan – Prince of Liones and the Knight of Pestilence, Tristan is a Nephilim due to his Goddess and Demon lineage, and is the 2nd strongest of the group with him being able to spar with the likes of Arthur when his power is fully unleashed.
  • Lancelot – Son of Ban and The Knight of War, Lancelot is currently the strongest of the Four Knights and acts as their leader, he is extremely capable to the point of absolutely humiliating King Arthur in their very first bout.
  • Gawain – The successor to Sunshine and The Knight of Famine, Gawain is the niece of King Arthur and is every bit the prideful individual as her predecessor Escanor, while she is still a novice, her magical prowess is only second to the likes of Merlin.
Four Knights of the Apocalypse
Image Courtesy: Telecom Animation Film


Seven Deadly Sins: The Four Knights of the Apocalypse is serving to be a thrilling sequel to one of the most iconic shonen stories of modern times. Telecom Animation Film is looking to bring the best possible quality for this adaptation and the fans could not be happier after the less than lackluster quality of the previous seasons. Let’s see if the series lives up to the quality of the Manga.

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