Is Frieren in love with Himmel?

Frieren and Himmel

Frieren Beyond Journey’s End is about Frieren’s life after her party disbanded. Defeating the Demon Lord came with its perks, however, it was time for them to go their own ways. Over the years, she comes to realize her negligence in cherishing the decade that she spent together with her friends. Now when she must walk on this life alone, what has she truly learned?

Her journey that we have come to witness has solely been motivated with Himmel’s liking towards her spell. But has this been the sole motivation? Has the praise she once received been so effective that continues to pursue it after its apparent demise? I believe there’s more to it, and in this article, I’ll show you why.


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Who were Frieren and Himmel?

Frieren is our main protagonist, and Himmel is her ex-party member. He is the Hero of their party and they went on a 10-year-long journey to defeat the Demon Lord. In their journey together, they faced countless perilous situations and enemies. Over the years, he learns how lonely she is and how lonely she will become when the journey is over.

Frieren finding Himmel's favorite flower
Frieren finding Himmel’s favorite flower | Courtesy of MADHOUSE

This makes him teach her to cherish these moments, unfortunately, these lessons hit their mark when he is long gone. As a human, he is limited in his life, but this also allows him to receive a certain kind of foresight that makes him far more mature than her. But alas, all the time in the world will never be enough to teach an Elf how precious life is, only death can.

Griefed by his death, she sets on a journey to procure as many spells as she can and in the process, learn about humans. This is her way of atoning for never trying to learn about him. In her journey, she retraces the steps that she took when she was in the party, reliving the experience and meeting people whose lives were changed by their and specifically the Hero’s actions.

Why should we assume that she is in love?

Frieren taking care of Himmel's statue
Frieren taking care of Himmel’s statue | Courtesy of MADHOUSE

From the get-go, I will clear myself. This love is too pure to be considered romantic. Humans have a different definition of love that usually most beings care not to be limited by. At least in fantasy terms. Having as much experience as I do reading Fantasy settings, races except Humans like Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, etc have always considered love without limitations, which means, a whole experience of love and not just the romantic side of it.

  • This is clearly elaborated by Frieren when she mentions why there are so less Elves in the world, they aren’t really focused on the reproductive sense of life.
  • Himmel and She shared a relationship where both of them cared about each other deeply. While she was a bit slow on the uptake, he always looked at her fondly with great care and love.
Himmel erecting statues for Frieren
Himmel erecting statues for Frieren | Courtesy of MADHOUSE
  • He also waited for her for years, taking care of the one thing that he knew she would come back for.
  • He has also referred to her as his dear friend, and the attention and consideration he has shown her is a clear indication of his love. He made sure to erect statues of himself so that she never felt alone after he was gone.
  • Her entire journey is motivated by his praise. He loved the silly and odd spells she would learn. She has kept it close to her heart.
Himmel showing up in Frieren's illusion where only people she cherish pop up
Himmel showing up in Frieren’s illusion where only people she cherish pop up | Courtesy of MADHOUSE

While, both of them might not have expressed their love directly, they were in love. Himmel cared what she thought and how she felt, and she cares how he felt when they were together. This cannot be termed as romantic, as it went beyond the shackles of romance. This love of theirs is how a mother would love her son or how a sister would love her brother. This love is unbound and unconditional.


So? The end point is they were in love, just not the one we are mostly familiar with. It is timeless, almost moving past time, something similar to Your Name. But this is how it should be. Unconditional and Selfless care for the other, that’s how love should be. Afterall, love is something you give, not ask for.

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