Dragon Ball Official Site asks experts if Frieza is a great leader: Here’s what they found

is frieza a great leader?

Frieza is an antagonist from the Dragon Ball series. He is dominating and a cruel icon in the show. Yet, he was able to command his army, the Galatic Frieza Army, which conquered 70% of the known universe. He was an entity that instilled fear wherever he went, however, his forces had immense respect for him. Such polar perceptions of being is astonishing. Is there a secret to this?

Dragon Ball Official Site had the same question, and they decided that they would peek into it. They went to a researcher on Human Resources and Organization, Nakahara Jun, a professor at Rikkyo University College of Business, to take a look at Frieza’s leadership skills and if he would stand up to today’s standard.


Why choose Nakahara Jun?

Nakahara Jun is a professor at Rikkyo University College of Business. He is a brilliant individual and is the perfect person for this inquiry.

  • he is serving as a chief examiner of the Rikkyo University Graduate School’s Leadership Development Graduate Course and the college’s Leadership Research Institute.
  • he specializes in human resources development and organizational development.
  • he has multiple human resource development research under the theme of “turning adult learning into science”.
  • he is the author of Workplace Learning, Introduction to Training and Development, Growth Strategies for New Managers, etc.
Frieza | Courtesy of Toei Animation

He has been able to offer great insights as we’ll see in the following sections and has really helped to make it clear that Frieza is a great leader. The character might be a leader that you cannot compete with, but when it comes to anime, reading Spiel Anime’s weekly newsletter will surely shape you up to become a leading personality who knows everything about anime like the back of their hand.

Frieza – What kind of a leader is he?

There are multiple areas for leadership to fester properly. The official Dragon Ball team managed to ask about these areas in a series of questions, that we will be going into.

The Ginyu Force
The Ginyu Force | Courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Interaction with Subordinates: Frieza has been seen using a polite manner of speaking, complementing it with clear and precise orders. He follows up with logical explanations when he is inquired about by his subordinates. Nakahara-san responded with three things that are vital to making people do what you want: give clear orders, remain consistent, and explain yourself logically.
    This makes Frieza a pro at getting others to do things for him. Coming back to his politeness, Nakahara-san remarked that this helps him create an even level with his subordinates. This allows him to encourage them to perform spontaneously.
  • Use of Positive Feedback: Frieza is seen commending his subordinates for accomplishing their missions, as seen in the praise he gave Captain Ginyu for gathering the Dragon Balls. Nakahara-san remarks that this is known as positive feedback, which leaders can use to increase trust and loyalty with their subordinates. The feedback system works on three grounds, by providing – the situation, the behavior, and the impact.
    This makes his subordinates feel that the work they do has an impact on the vision their leaders hold. This makes it easier for them to convey any form of negative feedback, allowing the leader to do away with anything that would hinder their progress.
  • Managing his Subordinates: Frieza tends to be present in situations and gives orders directly to efficiently handle the situation. Nakahara-san remarks that it is very important for leaders to know what to entrust and what not to. This quality is exquisite in the character.

Nakahara-san commends the way Frieza leads his forces, calling it very efficient and effective. However, there are many things that he states that make the character not so good of a role model for a leader. He refers to a psychological concept known as the “dark triad”. It is a personality trait that people who are narcissistic and psychotic have. He also calls the character’s management style as Machiavellian. Frieza would do anything and everything to achieve his goals.

Another facet of Frieza’s leadership is that his rule is a reign of terror, that only works as long as his subordinates fear him. Such leadership is apparently efficient only for a shorter duration. Overall, Nakahara-san states that Frieza is a great leader. He also goes further to comment that people who consider the character as an ideal leader, only show that the world has terrible leaders.


This is a great insight into the Dragon Ball universe. It shows how delicately the characters were written, giving a whole new meaning to the show. However, this can go further than this. This could serve as a good benchmark to see if characters from other series also shape up to be good leaders. Comment down below which other character can be a leader?

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