Is Gojo Satoru back in JJK Chapter 260? Spoilers reveal the GOAT’s return

Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen anime

JJK Chapter 260 spoilers managed to evoke one of the most pertinent questions in the narrative – “Is Gojo Satoru back? ” The chapter which was filled with Aoi Todo’s refashioned and improved Boogie Woogie that allowed Yuji to pierce through Sukuna’s heart also ended with a silhouette of Gojo Satoru that the King of Curses witnessed.

It is, however, a theory that needs adjustment and detailed understanding, and mere speculation could prove to be dangerous for the fans. We have seen how the return of Gojo Satoru has been a constant area of reference and discussion since his death, but it has never stepped foot into reality. While this instance might only be an illusion, it might also be the case that the blue-eyed boy has returned.

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Is Gojo Satoru back – a Genjutsu by Gege or a reality this time around?

Gojo Satoru’s return in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 is indeed a cause of celebration. With the editor’s note at the end stating, “Those eyes are unmistakable”, it is partially a possibility that the Satoru has returned. However, such a theory is far more complex than any other, given the fact that ever since Gojo’s death the narrative has failed to provide a suitable argument or sequence of events that would lead to this conclusion.

Blue Eyed sorcerer Satoru
Satoru Gojo. (Image credit goes to IMDb)
  • The major obstacles that hinder Gojo’s return are the lack of suitable evidences, a failure of the plot to explain the aftermath of Gojo’s death, and a methodology that substantiates the truth behind his return.
  • Not only are these loose ends unfixable at this moment, an attempt at fixing them would question the entire objective of the deaths that followed after Gojo’s, the sacrifices which will be nullified and forgotten if the prodigal son returns.

A hallucination or a rebirth – Yuji’s role in Gojo’s return

Moreover, it could be a possibility that Gojo’s return in JJK 260 is a metaphorical approach at the plot. While there are several possibilities that it might simply be Sukuna’s hallucination, it could also be a suggestion that Yuji has finally surpassed his master and has unlocked the ability to defeat Sukuna.

Yuji Itadori's Black Flash
Yuji Itadori. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

A piercing Black Flash at Sukuna’s chest might have triggered not only Sukuna’s fear of Satoru’s power, but it might have also initiated a theory of Yuji’s own power and the silhouette of Gojo appearing out of nowhere could be an indication that his successor has been chosen.

The fact that Yuji and Aoi Todo could challenge and overpower Sukuna might have triggered the latter’s fears of his battle against Gojo Satoru. A silhouette is often a reference to an imagination or a hallucination, and it might be a similar case this time around. It is true that Sukuna has used up a large amount of his cursed energy and he is not is a state to perform any sort of CT after the use of the fire arrow and domain expansion, giving us all the more reason to believe that Yuji’s heart-piercing punch could’ve triggered his greatest fears.

Major challenges associated with Gojo Satoru’s return in JJK 260 spoilers

The all-powerful Gojo Satoru
Gojo might return in JJK 260. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

As we have already stated, the major challenges surrounding Gojo’s return in JJK 260 spoilers are many. While these challenges question our understanding of the plot so far, they also act as a medium for us to speculate what might have happened. Gojo Satoru’s return is a suitable event for many, but whether it is real or not will be determined by the future.

A lack of evidence to support Gojo’s return in JJK 260

A single manga panel and an editor’s comment is all that has led us to speculate Gojo’s resurrection. The major aim of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 spoilers was to shed light in Aoi Todo’s new abilities and the excellent partnership of the Yuji-Todo duo. However, the shifted focus to Satoru’s return also demands for an explanation.

JJK 260 reveal Aoi Todo's new abilities
Aoi Todo. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

At this moment, we have neither evidence nor solid theories to support our speculations. All we have is mere faith that Gojo will return. However, various interpretations are possible from those panels, and a rebirth is true among a dozen other truths. It is now a question of which truth Gege is going to choose and explain, and until then we are helpless with hope.

The aftermath of Gojo’s death and whatever happened to his body

A major theory that supports Gojo’s return is that after his ill-fated death, Ui Ui teleported his body from the battlefield and took it to Shoko’s care. Since the latter is adept with RCT, she might have brought Gojo back to life. Moreover, another theory would suggest that Gojo himself could initiate the Reversed Curse Technique before his death as his brain was left unharmed by Sukuna. Other theories about Gojo’s return have also been covered in our previous articles, however, those could never wake up to reality.

Shoko in Jujutsu Kaisen anime
Shoko Ieiri. (Image credit goes to IMDb)

The mystery surrounding the fate of Gojo’s body is what keeps me from believing that he has returned. While I am trying very hard to believe that the blue-eyed charmer has returned, it is just the uncertainty clouded in oblivion after his death that pesters me and doesn’t let me believe that JJK 260 spoilers had such a positive end.

Gege’s constant play with death and memory

Gege Akutami is known for two reasons at this point – firstly, his obsessive need to kill side characters without a warning and secondly, his constant reference to moments in the past and a play with memory.

JJK Chapter 260 reveals Gojo's silhouette
JJK 260 spoilers on Twitter. | Image credits goes to @Go_Jover on Twitter

The first reason proves Gege’s uncertain take on the story and how his narrative has the most unpredictable twists. Moreover, it shows how futile it is to believe that Gege’s thought is linear and objective. Time and again, readers have been disappointed and disheartened at this approach, and this time around might be one of those instances.

The second reason is proof of the fact that Gege has a habit of playing with memory. Even after Gojo’s death, there have been various instances where he was brought back as a fragment of the past. Most of Gege’s plot during this battle with Sukuna has been focused on discussions and strategies formulated behind the scenes and sometime in the past. This constant flashback throughout is suggestive of the fact that the silhouette of Gojo Satoru in JJK 260 spoilers might be a fragment of imagination on Sukuna’s part.

A similar scenario arose before Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 248, where a panel in the desk of Junya Fukuda, the editor of JJK manga, sparked conversations and speculations regarding his return. This might just be one of those instances – a play with memory and imagination.

Final thoughts on Gojo’s return in JJK 260 spoilers

The Blue Eyed Gojo Satoru
People on Twitter are hopeful that Gojo will be back. | Image Courtesy of @JujutsuSpoilers on Twitter

“Is Gojo Satoru back?” would be a question that none of us can answer. What we saw in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 260 spoilers could either be an imaginative aspect of the plot or it could be a very real indeed. Gojo Satoru is either a metaphor or a reality, and while the latter is where we prefer to lean, the former holds as much weight too.

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