Is Himawari Stronger Than Naruto as New Kurama Jinchuriki? Boruto TBV Chapter 10 has the answers!

Is Himawari stronger than Naruto according to Boruto TBV Ch 10?

Boruto TBV Chapter 10 has confirmed that little Himawari is the new host for the Nine-Tails! We weren’t sure last month if it was really Kurama with Himawari or if just his left-over chakra, but there’s no denying it anymore; Himawari is Kurama’s new Jinchuriki!

But after that explosive display of power in Boruto TBV Ch. 10, we can’t help but wonder is Hima has already surpassed her dad in strength. Could this pint-sized new Jinchūriki already outclass her father’s strength when he hosted the Nine-Tails? The signs seem to point to Himawari’s potential being virtually limitless, but several lingering questions remain.

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Is Himawari stronger than Naruto after becoming the Nine Tails Jinchuriki?


On paper, Himawari’s new symbiotic partnership with Kurama reads like a recipe for unprecedented power. For the first time, the nine-tailed beast has been reborn with both its full chakra reserves and the invaluable wisdom gained from its time bonded with Naruto intact.

  • The Kurama that Naruto hosted was purposely split in half by Minato to curtail its might. Even after rejoining the divided halves, Naruto’s inner beast had its strength sapped once more when part was stolen by Momoshiki.
  • The Kurama now residing in Himawari appears to be its complete, true self from birth – unbridled and its potential untapped.
Is Kurama back? Baby Kurama in Boruto Two Blue Vortex
© Masashi Kishimoto

Coupled with the girl’s own monstrous stores of chakra by virtue of her Uzumaki lineage, she could eventually outstrip even Kurama-cloaked Naruto. Their unified chakra levels may prove impossible to surpass. Moreover, Kurama himself noted that Himawari’s chakra has a higher affinity and compatibility with his own than any previous jinchuriki that hosted him, even more so than Naruto.

Himawari was meant to surpass Naruto

Young Himawari in Boruto anime
© Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot

It’s also a time-honored pattern in the Naruto universe for new generations to rapidly eclipse their predecessors’ powers. From Naruto and his peers surpassing the legendary Sanin, to Boruto’s crew leaving their parents’ accomplishments in the dust, the establishment gets routinely dethroned by hungry prodigies.

Himawari may simply be continuing that cycle as the latest ruling phenom. Her budding friendship with Kurama could allow this once-in-an-era talent to cooperate seamlessly with the fox’s might in record time.

  • Moreover, this newborn Kurama has no innate hatred towards its human host like it once did with Naruto. Their budding friendship could allow Hima to cooperate seamlessly with the fox’s power.
  • We’ve seen flashes of her genius, like knocking out her father with a single blow as a toddler. Mastering Kurama’s capabilities may happen remarkably quickly.

Lingering Obstacles on Himawari’s Path to Surpassing Naruto

Can Kurama ever return in Boruto
Image Courtesy of Lucas Ideale on YouTube

While Himawari’s future strength seems undeniable, there are still significant hurdles she must overcome.

  • For one, the Kurama we saw appeared diminutive and was referred to as a “youngster” still growing into its power. If the fox’s might correlates with its size and age like previous Tailed Beasts, Himawari may need years before she can fully unleash its strength. Her raw talent will only carry her so far.

Additionally, the omnipresent threat of Kaguya still looms large over the ninja world. Though currently an absorbed, lifeless husk, there are likely ways for the progenitor of chakra to be revived, as Black Zetsu once did.

And in a shocking twist of fate, what if Kaguya reincarnated into the body of Himawari herself? The girl is a descendant of Kaguya’s son Hagoromo on her father’s side and grandson Asura on her mother’s. It’s not impossible she could manifest as their descendant. If that unintelligible event somehow transpired, Himawari’s new powers could become a devastating double-edged sword.

The bottom line?

When you add up all the explosive potential from Himawari’s natural gifts combined with hosting the full-force Kurama, it’s easy to envision her quickly skyrocketing past her father’s headiest fighting days. Having all that raw power, wisdom, and literally endless chakra reserves is a combo few ninja heroes could ever dream of.

But with power levels that immense, you know there have to be some major roadblocks too. Whether it’s waiting for Kurama to fully re-mature, or the terrifying prospect of Kaguya hijacking the whole situation, Himawari’s path to living up to the hype is paved with hurdles. But at the end of the day, there’s no denying it, the new gen has and will continue to surpass Naruto’s generation.

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